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Sunday, July 31, 2016

#JESUSmarch-What its all ABOUT.

It is very obvious that the devil and his agents are thriving and gaining grounds in our city (AJEGUNLE). Indecent Hotels everywhere, beer parlours, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, Moral degradation etc. These things are not ordinary. They are spiritually motivated. And if nothing is done about it we will loose our children and our city to the devil.

We strongly believe that we (The new Creation in Christ) are the only one that can fix these issues. God has placed us here to deal with the devil and stop his reign over our city. And the only way we can do this is through confrontation and the enforcement our authority in Christ because he has already been defeated.

This is the main reason we are putting up this life Changing event (FOR AJEGUNLE) tagged ''JESUSmarch'' come 17th of September 2016.

The programme is a MARCH and MUSIC event. All we would do is to spend time in prayer and fasting in secret for Ajegunle all through the month of August. And on the day of the main event we will MARCH publicly around the streets of Ajegunle with placards with messages on them proclaiming the lordship of Jesus over our city.(we believe by so doing we would change the spiritual climate over Ajegunle). And we would end the MARCH at the venue of the MUSIC concert. And there we would praise and celebrate our victory over the devil and his agents.

The MARCH will commence by 8:30am-11am on Saturday the 17th of September 2016. And there will be a one hour Prophetic Declaration for Ajegunle from 11am-12pm. And the MUSIC concert will commence by 12pm-6pm.

We are looking for people to partner with us in prayer and fasting for Ajegunle all through the month of August (Every Friday by 6pm-8pm.) And also join us in this MARCH to proclaiming the lordship of JESUS around the streets of Ajegunle come September 17th 2016.

Please if you are interested in participating or sponsoring this event please contact us with these details:
Email. or

We look forward to your participation. Thank you.

Olumuyiwa Ebiesuwa
For KERErecords

Saturday, July 30, 2016


We had a wonderful time in the presence of God on the street of AJ with Pastor Theophilus Greatman who is the Pastor of the Godbless Nigeria Church as they hosted the
AJ CITY GOSPEL JAM yesterday Friday the 29th of July 2016. There were a lot of raw talents on display. Here are the sight and shots from the event.

Seeking Vengeance, Praying For Death Of Killers Is Anti Christ – Adeboye


The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG,
General-Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has
declared that he will not seek vengeance against
killers of a member of his church, Deaconess
Olawale Elisha, who was gruesomely murdered
while evangelizing in Kubwa, FCT.
Daddy GO, as he is fondly called, stated this on
Friday during a Ministers’ Conference at the
Redemption Camp, Kilometer 46, Lagos – Ibadan
Elisha, an assistant pastor at the church’s Divine
Touch parish, was slain by unidentified persons on
June 9 at Gbazango-West area of Kubwa, a satellite
town in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, while on
Morning Cry.
The General-Overseer noted that since Elisha was
on the divine mission to win souls for Jesus Christ, it
would be unscriptural and anti-Christ to pray for
the death or even seek to kill the same souls she
sought to save.
He said, “I’m not looking for vengeance. I won’t
listen to people asking me to seek vengeance. “I won’t pursue the case. That’ll be contrary to what
she wanted.
“She wanted them saved, not killed.
“What will their killing do for me?”

Dont Fall Victim: Fake Adeboye Account Scams Money Off Pensioner (Photos)


Someone got scammed yesterday by a man claiming to be Daddy Adeboye
of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We  have
observed that a lot of these fraudsters are on social
media under the guise of prominent individuals
like Pa Adeboye.
Please Nigerians, let’s be a lot more careful in our
association with people, and our quest for miracles
or prayers especially on social media, as most of
these accounts are FAKE. Remember, we are ‘small
gods’. God can answer our prayers if we cry out to
him with our own little voice.
Our advice to all prominent individuals/Nigerians is
also that they get their social media accounts
verified, for many of us who might not know what
this means, it is a little tick beside a prominent
individuals’s profile on social media (Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter e..t.c) that validates the authenticity of a particular account. Once this
individual’s account has this tick, all other accounts
are considered FAKE.

After 3years, Fuji Singer, Mike Abdul Finally Speak On His Broken Marriage

Three years after alleged marriage divorce
scandal of gospel singer couple – Mike Abdul
and Vivien Stephen Eva, Mike has broken his
In a telephone chat with Saturday Beats, the Morire
singer said that he was not divorced. He told
Saturday Beats that it was a misconception for
people to think he is legally free from his marriage.
“I have learnt not to comment on issues that border
on my marriage. Initially when I started having bad
press, I was not happy. I discovered that I was
making those who wanted to make me sad, happy.
It doesn’t make sense to give happiness, gladness
and fulfilment to my enemies. I would like to correct a general notion; I am not divorced in anyway. I
think it is people’s misconception; let us just leave it
at that. People have their issues and it takes time to
sort things out,” he said.
When probed on reconciliation talks with his
estranged wife, the singer politely declined
commenting on the matter anymore.
“I don’t like to talk about my marriage and I would
want to leave it at that,” he said.
Speaking on his career and his new album,
‘Korede’, which according to him is doing well in
the market, he stated how Korede Bello influenced
his album title.
“The title of my new album is ‘Korede’ and it was
influenced by a song, ‘Godwin’ by Korede Bello. I
was at an event last year with the Midnight Crew
where we performed at someone’s birthday. After
our performance, Korede Bello was next. I have
always liked the song ‘Godwin’ because I feel that whatever you do in life, it is God that wins. When I
saw him, somehow that name Korede got stuck in
my head. The next day when I was saying my
prayers, no song could come to my mind, but the
name Korede kept ringing in my head. The name
means ‘To bring blessing’, and it is only God that brings blessing to someone’s life.
“I connected to his name knowing full well that
God will bring my blessing especially with this
album. The funny thing is that I did not feature
Korede Bello in the album but the only thing I did
was to inform him that I was naming my album
after him and he told me that it was very cool,” he said.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Israel Prime Minister, Netanyahu, likely To Attend Summit In Nigeria By End Year


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, spearheading
an intense Israeli diplomatic initiative in Africa, is
expected to travel to West Africa by the end of the
year to take part in a summit of the 15-member
Economic Community of West African States
(ECOWAS) to be held in Abuja, Nigeria.
Netanyahu returned from a four-day, four-country
visit to east Africa earlier this month,where he met
at a summit in Uganda with leaders from seven East
African countries.
On Thursday he met in his office with Marcel Alain
de Souza, the president of ECOWAS. The two men signed a joint declaration of intent for greater
cooperation between Israel and the organization,
which represents countries that have a combined
population of some 320 million people.
The declaration states that both parties “positively
view the participation of the prime minister of the State of Israel in the ECOWAS summit in the near
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
recently addressed the African Union summit in
Rwanda, a privilege not given Netanyahu because,
unlike the PA, Israel does not have observer status in that organization. During Netanyahu’s recent trip
to Africa, the leaders of Kenya and Ethiopia publicly
pledged to rectify that situation.
Among the 15 countries in ECOWAS are two with
whom Israel does not have diplomatic relations:
Niger and Mali. Earlier this month Israel re- established diplomatic ties with Guinea, which is
another ECOWAS state.
Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said
that this group “is one of the most important sub-
regional organizations in Africa, and it brings the
Prime Minister’s [Africa] initiative, that started with east African countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, to
the western part of the continent.”
Gold said that while de Soussa, from Benin, does
not take action without consulting the other states,
he does not know whether he specifically called the
leaders of Niger and Mali before embarking on his visit to Israel and signing the letter of intent for
increased cooperation.
The two men discussed deepening their
cooperation particularly in the field of agriculture,
desertification, water, education and health.
Security issues were also raised, and in the declaration of intent Israel stated that “it stands
with the people of the ECOWAS countries in their
ongoing battle against militant terrorism that is
plaguing Africa.”
The Islamic State affiliated Boko Haram is very active
in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. This was the first ever meeting between an Israeli
prime minister and the president of ECOWAS, even
though Israel has had a relationship with that
organization for the last decade.
In addition to Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria,
ECOWAS is also made up of the following states: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Coite d’Ivoire,
Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia,
Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

Christians Killed In 2016 So Far Almost Equal To Entire 2015 In Nigeria


The Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans
has called on the Nigerian government to end the
growing slaughter of Christians at the hands of
radical Islamists in the country, arguing that such a
massacre should not be the Christians’ “portion in
Jesus’ name.”
“Whatever the federal government is doing, if any,
is either too slow or insignificant compared with the
reoccurrence of the killings; the federal
government needs to step up and take bold actions
to give members of the Christian community in the
country a sense of security and belonging,” said Pastor Ade Oyesile, executive director of CANAN, in
a statement.
“We MUST all work hard to avoid these sectarian
killings which in our very eyes have made countries
embroiled in it to become failed nations. That
should not be our portion in Jesus Christ name.”
Like a number of other persecution watchdog
groups, CANAN has raised its voice against the
spate of killings of Christians by radical Muslims
throughout 2016. The group says that according to
its records, at least 384 Christians have been killed
so far this year, and produced a list of the various attacks carried out by radical groups such as Boko
Haram and the Fulani herdsmen.
Oyesile warned that the number of Christians killed
in 2016 is already close to equaling the total killed
in 2015, and barely half the year has gone by.
“This dastardly killings of Christians in the country
MUST stop. It is most disappointing that these
unprovoked killings of Christians have continued
despite the federal government condemnation
statements,” he said.
The pastor noted that Christians do not have many
options to defend themselves, given that they
preach peace instead of retaliation, and so rely on
government forces to do more to protect them and
to bring attackers to justice.
Oyesile told The Christian Post in an interview earlier this year that only repentance and the fear of God
can win the war against radical Islam.
“Boko Haram, ISIS, Al-Shabab is evil. Until we all
stand together to condemn it, it will continue to
spread. We Christians can help the government,
with our fervent prayers without ceasing,” he told
CP at the time.
“The right strategy to drive this evil people out of
Nigeria, God will give to people in government.
World leaders may come together and all that, but
repentance and fear of God is the sure way
Western voices, such as former Congressman Frank
Wolf, a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the 21st
Century Wilberforce Initiative, have also been
speaking out against the ongoing slaughter, and
urged the United States government also to step up
and help.
Wolf, who visited and spoke with local Nigerian
leaders in February, told CP in a separate interview that Christians in Nigeria are feeling abandoned at
the lack of attention afforded to their plight in the
West, including from churches.
“People of faith, Christians, feel very much
forgotten. Nigeria is fractured and is breaking
down in so many ways, and it seems that the world
has forgotten about it,” Wolf said earlier in July.
“They feel abandoned by the West, and by the
Church in the West. You are not hearing many in the
West advocating (for them). They would expect
that the faith community in the West, Europe, would
be advocating, speaking out,” he added.


From the stables of Xousia Music, Aijay Desmond is back with a brand new single titled Such Love.
 In her own words,“Sitting in the plane that day, I started thinking about what it must have felt like bearing the sins of the whole world on oneself,the pain,the humiliation,loving someone who didn’t love you back...This was Jesus’ sacrifice. He went all the way, enduring it alljust for you and I to be reconciled back to God. The thought of it filled my heart with so much joy and I just took up my pen and began to write this song that you hear today.
I am forever grateful to You my King for paying the price for me. Your death on the cross for all mankind shows what TRUE LOVE really is…SELFLESS!!!”

This song was produced by DaGenius.

Connect with Aijay.
Facebook: Aijay Desmond
Twitter: Aijay Desmond

Instagram: Aijay Desmond

(Words and Music ByAijay Desmond)
Such love I have never seen
Verse 1
What does love really mean?
The word called love, could it be for real?
God showed us His love while we were yet in sin
Christ died for our iniquities
No longer bound by the yoke of sin
Oh! I’m free indeed
You paid up the debt I could not pay
You washed my sins away
So I will sing and I’ll give You praise
Thank You for Your hand of grace
Because of your love, I’m forever saved
For this and more, I stand amazed
 I will sing and I’ll give You praise
Thank You for Your hand of grace
Because of your love, I’m forever saved
For this and more, I stand amazed

So good to know You died for me
Your blood You shed to set me free and
Now I have joy that is so complete
Such love, I have never seen
Glory to Your name
Honor to Your name
So good to know You did it for me,
Such love, I have never seen

Verse 2
My sins He did repeal
This is true love, what greater love than this
You taught us to love, now all can see
We are as He is in this world we live
Justified by my faith in You
I have peace with God through You my Lord and King

Thursday, July 28, 2016

DOWNLOAD Music: OkeySokay – Yanga


Gospel Music Artiste/Producer “OkeySokay” releases brand new single “Yanga” off his album “Revealed” for free downloads to celebrate his birthday..  this song is a hit n was produced by himself.. Because we are concious of God’s love and knowing we are the righteousness of God In christ Jesus we can do yanga…Check it out fam..


CMS Marks 159th Anniversary Of Christianity In Igboland


ONITSHA—Anglican Church faithful in the Diocese
on the Niger yesterday embarked on a road show
in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State to
celebrate 159th anniversary of the advent of
Christianity in Igboland, championed by the Church
Missionary Society, CMS, led by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.
Activities of the events which is celebrated annually
by the Anglican faithful, varied from Diocesan to
Archdeaconry levels.
While the worshippers at All Saints’ Cathedral,
Onitsha, the headquarters of the Diocese on the
Niger embarked on the road show in a convoy of
vehicles along Awka road to drive home their joy,
the Onitsha South Archdeaconry embarked on
prayers, general thanksgiving and drama presentation by the Archdeaconry drama team.
In his remarks, the Archdeacon of Onitsha South
Archdeaconry, Venerable Patrick Nwakalor
emphasised the need for Anglican faithful to hold
tenaciously to their strong heritage as the first
christian denomination to bring gospel to Igboland
in 1857, 28 years before the advent of the Roman Catholic Mission in 1885.
Nwakalor further charged all and sundry to be
selfless in their evangelical attitude as the early
missionaries did, adding that it was the same early
missionaries of the CMS that brought the schools
and hospitals to educate the people and give them
good health, as well as stopped other obnoxious practices in Igboland.
In his sermon, the Parish Priest of St. Faith Church,
Fegge, Onitsha, Rev. Dan Uche, traced the history of
the early missionaries which he said brought
succour to mankind, adding that although slave
trade was officially abolished on March 25, 1807, it
did not stop untill 1833 when a group of evangelical protestants led by William Wilberforce
ensured its final abolition

DOWNLOAD Music: BLW Rap Nation – Eternity (Burning Fire)


Blw Rap Nation, a group of young spirit filled
Christian spread a unique and timely message for
the Church in this stirring rap song titled “Eternity
(Burning Fire)”, Encouraging the Church to hold
fast onto the true message of Love, Forgiveness,
Mercy, Kindness, Patience and the core teachings of Christ. Blw (Believer’s Loveworld) Rap Nation
Members – TB1, TruSouth, SamJamz, Protek, Cyude,
Winter, Mr Noble, G-Clan, dareal, Temple, Clinton &
Soltune. Eternity (Burning Fire) Presented By
LoveWorld Music And Art Ministry was produced by
Kelly Lyon


Pope Francis Trips And Falls Over As He Arrives For Holy Mass At The Jasna Gora Shrine In Poland


Pope Francis fell over as he arrived at the Jasna
Gora shrine in front of millions of people watching
around the world.
The 79-year-old Pontiff who arrived in Poland on
Wednesday and will be touring various religious
and cultural locations, was walking towards the
altar to celebrate a mass at the southern Black
Madonna shrine of Czestochowa to mark the
1,150th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland, when he took a huge tumble and fell.
A group of priests quickly helped him back to his
feet just before the mass began.  Despite the fall,
he got back to his feet and continued with the