Friday, July 8, 2016

CTCng-Platform Exclusive interview with SABINA(NAIJA PASTOR).

The Christian Talent community Nigeria led by Obus Zalee brodoh who is the chief responsibility officer held an interview/interative session with one of Naija finest SABINA an anointed gospel singer, a veteran broadcaster and currently an On air personality with Naija fm 102.7 Lagos.
Enjoy the interview!

Obuszalee: Welcome every body please let's be quick and short with meaningful questions....SABINA is a treasure to us. She has passed through the thick and thin of what many young and old talents are facing now..@SABINA welcome

Sabina Naija FM: Yes boss! 🙌🏽 greetings to all 🙏

obuszalee: @Sabina you are familiar with the madness on this platform😀. Many talents today young, old, big or small need publicity...what would you say to help them push right?
Sabina Naija FM:
1)God factor.
2)Good material.
3)Good package.
4) Good people skills- be confident, be patient with people and be persistent.
5) Of course funds! But money isn't everything. Your warm persona and consistency will do for you what money can't

obuszalee: Submitting your work to radio station how far must talents go to get marketers attention (all the radios?)

Sabina Naija FM: @Obus bros all d radio stations go nice, but we know that may not be possible, and even if possible, not all d stations will air your work. I always advice talents to select radio stations with d help of someone who knows music n also understand d media world

obuszalee: @sabina please tell us- some of your early experiences

Sabina Naija FM: @Obus , I realized it isn't good to bring out all your work at once. Also it's bad to release a song and not have it on radio even if u have 1 billion downloads. From early experience I also realized gospel talents do not have information about d power of d air, and d few who do, don't appreciate it. They are content with being "local champions" (nothing wrong if that's what you want tho)

obuszalee: This is powerful !!! I must confess these are deep revelations.

obuszalee: it's time for @ASK UR QUESTIONS.

Seyi editor Ctcng: @sabina, I understand dat you are an OAP, have you been into music before becoming an OAP? because I know that will also help you in pushing your music.

Sabina Naija FM: @Adedeji Seyi, I have been in music almost all my life. Church music, street music, inspirational & worship. Radio came six and a half year ago although I have also been in the "public field" of music, teaching, training, coaching and mentoring before radio! Being on radio means my station plays my music, it doesn't mean another station will play my music IF I DON'T MAKE EFFORTS!

Miz gold: How do one keep head up even when penniless ?

Sabina Naija FM: @Miz Gold. Confidence & warmth are priceless. If you got a good material with proper presentation i will listen to you! But d problem is, I am NOT the only one in the industry. If you are talking about lack of funds for the production process, almost everyone has that problem or have been through that phase. Pray your way through and don't give up if truly thats your calling. Try to meet people. If they don't respond well today, tomorrow is still pregnant! Ask questions, be informed about what's going on around the industry.

Dayo Newswatch: Thanks Sabina for coming on this platform. I think I heard about you last at the launch of Women of African Origin in Music Ministry (WAOMM) at Alausa, Ikeja, which event i provided media coverage. Please I like you to explain more on what attitude gospel artistes should have towards the media industry. Especially up coming artistes.

Sabina Naija FM: @ dayo"Thank you Jesus ",....... The gospel music artist's attitude is his/her greatest undoing! I say this because from all my years of experience, that is the most area I have concerns.
I'll advice that:
1) Be humble
2) be warm
3) be PATIENT!We are too in a hurry to conclude that people aren't willing to help. No, they got their own challenges too, and many other people are trying to reach out to dem too.
4) Be very thankful! Gratitude paves more ways! No amount of money you pay for promotions is worth airing your brand to millions of people worldwide on a regular P
5) PLEASE package your promotional CDs well!

Mirabel CTCng: @Sabina, must an  artiste have a manager before people can be ready to know your price for ministration, better still, sow seed into your ministry?

Sabina Naija FM: @Mirabel NO! But you need information as to how it works so you can represent yourself well.

obuszalee: @sabina, what a revelation in such short time. CTCNG is greatly indebted to you for giving us your time, I am grateful and Our GOD Bless you and all that concerns you in Jesus name.Amen

Sabina Naija FM: God bless @ baba Obus and everyone.

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