Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Get Ready - El Levite

Get ready is an end time song, intended to address the biblical prophesy of end time and it' s obvious manifestations. It encourages people to be Godly in this end of days.


SEE lyrics below. 


Are you ready, Are you ready, El levite and dason, Are you ready,  .

Intro: Get ready He’s on the way,
Make we do the work of the Lord while it’s day,
Get ready he's on the way,
Night comes when no man work (ei ei) 

Verse 1: The signs that we see everyday shows we are living in a dangerous time,
 Injury time is the period we’re living in,
 The prophecies of old is coming to reality,
 The coming of the soon coming King is sooner than you think 

Chorus: Are you ready ready ready ready ready For the coming of the soon coming king,
 Make we hala hala hala hala hala hala Jesus everyday (Repeat) 

(Rap 1 by Dason)
The spirit speaketh expressly open up your heart,
 That in the last days some men shall fall apart, 
There shall be wars there shall be rumours famine everywhere,
Men shall be lovers of themselves and they wouldn’t care,
False prophets shall rise deceiving many men,
Iniquities shall abound and please don’t ask me when,
Cos now you see wickedness endorsed by the government,
Homosexuals and lesbians is this not apparent,
The end is here friends You think I sound berserk,
Get ready get ready He is coming back,
The end is here friends You think I sound berserk,
repent before its too late JESUS is coming back.


Verse 2:
Persecution of the saints and increase of violence,
 Approval iniquities, immoralities,
 False prophets deceiving many,
 Only those who stand till the end shall be saved.
Wars and rumours of wars everywhere now,
Hardship and earthquake on the increase,
The love of the people of God is waxing cold,
 Immorality, like the days of Noah,
The morale of the story is we should learn from Noah,
 How God by flood destroyed the world all over,
 You and I need to learn from Sodom and Gomorrah,
They were burnt to ashes we don’t mean no phobia, 
We are not saying this so that you can be afraid,
We are just saying this so your heart can be made,
So your heart can be made Made up to do what’s right,
So your heart can be made Made up for Jesus Christ (Intro:) 

(Repeat chorus) till fade


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