Friday, July 15, 2016


The Christian Talent Community under the Leadership of Obus Zalee Brodoh (CHIEF RESPONSIBILITY OFFICER) had an exclusive interview with one of the guru’s in the entertainment industry in the person of O’KING. A music and movie marketer per excellence. Enjoy the interview.

Obus Zalee: O'KING we are excited to have you as our guest this morning, your types in entertainment product marketing are rare.

O'king: Thanks

Obus Zalee: WHAT are the things that will make you say " I like to market this work"

O'King: Originality.

Obus Zalee: What is your advise on compilation CD or DVD? Should Christian Talents Spend money to produce and also pay to do compilation?

O'King :I don't support that.

Obus Zalee: What arethe  challenges you face when Christian artists bring their work to you?

O'King: Most Christian artist don't believe in themselves. First do a good job and people will look for you.

Liyia: Sir what is the most efficient way to go about it?
O'King: The most efficient way to go about it is promotion. Thank God that we have social media and the internet. It is easier and cheaper to start your promotion there. We must start somewhere.

Tony Touch: Sir, what should we do about being ourselves because most times marketers will say you're not visible yet in the industry?

O'king: Nobody is visible in his mothers womb.We all has our starting point.

Hawaiin: Some marketers  want artist to sing like someone or imitate a particular star of their choice in the industry  or a particular genre that is reigning, does it now mean that new things don't sell anymore because most marketers don't want to sell upcoming artist especially the one’s who create there own styles. Please sir enlighten us on this aspect.

O'King: If you sing like another person you will have limitations. Just be original.Every voice is good, depending on what you are using it for.

Obus Zalee:I Have Known you since the days of D.C.ENVOYS, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ADVISE TO US GENERALLY ?

O'King: Hard work pays, be original and always trust in God. And we cannot all become stars one day, everybody has his time.

David Eze: Sir, the trend now in Alaba is that marketers after listening to a good job will tell you to go and print 5000copies and bring for distribution or testing the market. What's your take on that ?

O'King: It depends on who you are working with. Our biggest problem in the industry are Piracy, power and government. We must unite to fight this monster. Talent must have support from parents, government and society. Thanks, watch out for our new movie ANINI SISTERS

Obus Zalee: My Oga thank you soooo much for taking time out of your busy schedule to bless us this Afternoon. Will have to let you go now! God bless you for us.

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