Saturday, July 9, 2016

UZODINMA OKPECHI Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the auspices of Obus Zalee brodoh Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interative session with one of the creme de la creme of the entertainment industry in the person of the UZODINMA OKPECHI (C.E.O Primary Productions Limited). A Renowned Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Consultant and overall supervisor of projects.
Enjoy the interview!

Obus zalee: We don't take this privilege for granted?

Sir what can talents do to shoot a video that will at the least attract curiosity and airplay because marketers and consumers seem to determine volume of sales. What d "MUST DO" an

UZODINMA OKPECHI:Film making is a mindset. The mindset to go and shoot yet another film ( music video in this case) or the mindset to go and shoot a damn good video.
Depending on which mindset you are operating on determines the outcome of the job
As filmmakers it is always good to study your environment and the way people interact

Obus zalee: Sir...does our interact have anything to do with the content we include in our package?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: In doing so, you are confident in your analysis of what they will like or reject. The dance culture, what triggers their fancy and the fashion sense. Yes it does

Obus zalee: How would you describe a typical good music video?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: A good music video must be relatable to the song except offcourse it's abstract.

Picture texture and quality has to be really good.

‎Should have well rehearsed choreography if any.

‎Then costumes, make up, video vixens, hairdo and Fashion sense have to be really well done.

‎Then your spectacle which is your signature has to be imprinted on it.

Obus zalee: What role does expenditure play?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Some music videos come with drama, For any creative person money should be an incentive.The inadequacy of money should make you more creative.That implies that if you then have more money you will altogether have a better job. So not having enough money should not be an excuse of not having a good gig. It depends on your crews mindset. On your mindset as a talent and ultimately your director's mindset.


Dayo Emmanuel: Sir, some people believe once they haven't shot their videos in South Africa or Europe then it's not good enough. They also judge other people's videos by this criteria. Please what's your take sir?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: That's not true. Location of shoot can enhance your video depending on the way it's used. A good video is a good video irrespective of locations Or Clime. Don't let anybody put your work down.

Dotcom: Good morning sir, having shot a good video, what makes media house like "soundcity" to term video not up to standard.

UZODINMA OKPECHI: When they use the word not standard they are usually referring to picture quality or the performances or production values of the video
Sometimes it is a gimmick to make you deep your hand in your pocket.

Seyi Oba: Sir, what is the minimum cost do u think one can use to shoot a good video?UZODINMA 

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Minimum cost will depend on your concept

Obus zalee: In the place of gospel music videos how important are "ramatazz"

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Contained razmatazz is good for gospel videos. It's always good to play with the audience mind

Obus zalee: What Qualities would you advice talents seeking Corporate or Mega Endorsements Deals To have?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Patience. Dedication to craft, building a fan base on social media portals and the fear of God.

David Eze: Sir, which camera and lens do think one is the minimum standard ?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Minimum standard is any camera that can shoot full HD. 1920x1080.
Go for Prime Lenses. They are more professional

Obus zalee: Sir can poets and those who do spoken word capture their products for marketing? What is the prospect?

UZODINMA OKPECHI: They can. The prospects is very much online. Once they gain acceptance They will get there.But people outside Nigeria will appreciate them more for now. So online will be way to go for poetry and spoken word.

Obus zalee: @FINAL ADVICE SIR!!!

UZODINMA OKPECHI: Confidence is one of the biggest character trait of a good director/filmmaker

Obus zalee:  FINAL WORD SIR!!!!

‎‎UZODINMA OKPECHI: It's a good time to be a filmmaker. Filmmaking is art yet it is also formulaicthis formular of shooting good jobs is only available to those who seek beyond their noses. My name is Uzodinma Okpechi and I just did my time

Obus zalee: Sir CTCng greatly appreciate this opportunity, THANK YOU SOO MUCH, GOD RICHLY REWARD YOU


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