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[MUST READ] DR. OSAZ Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the leadership of Obus Zalee brodoh (Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interactive session with one of the renowned Dr Osaz. A Physician & Psychologist turned Life coach, Management Consultant, Inspirational speaker, & Author. He is the President of WINBOX Institute, Publisher of Wellbeing Africa, & Convener of d monthly workshop; UNSTUCK (a Train your Brain for Success workshop). & annual conference, Stress2Success conference. Enjoy the interview

Obus Zalee: CTCng evening , please join me welcome Dr Osaz. We are glad to have you this evening. Dr tell us a bit about your speciality?

Dr Osaz: Thank you CTCng,Glad to be with you great minds, Well, I am Deji Osasona but more known as Dr Osaz.
I am a Physician & Psychologist turned Life Coach, NLP therapist, Mgt Consultant, & Inspirational speaker.

Obus Zalee: CTCng Chat platform have talents from over 7States Doctor. Your knowledge would do us great honour. You speak a lot about the power of the mind, what is the most powerful advice you would give anyone trying to achieve a difficult dream?

Dr Osaz: The human mind is incredible. In fact, the battleground for any spiritual, business, career, relationship, or financial struggle is the mind! I like to always say: Ideas don't rule the world, results do! Also, talent is never enough; the mindset for getting result is key. This is because every desire/ambition/goal evokes a level of opposition/distraction; and it takes only d right mindset to conquer it. Talk more of the challenging and complex world today.

Obus Zalee: Tell us what really causes frustration

Dr Osaz: In neuroscience, we say frustration is a result of excessive thinking that has progressed to hopelessness. This is because thinking is not enough. Everyone here would agree that if its thinking that guarantees success, almost everyone with an idea/talent will be a success.
In fact, I dare say Africa's problem is not lack of thinking. An average Nigerian/African adult thinks a lot about how they will hammer but often times, the thinking is just activity, not Productivity. So, if thinking is not it, what is the koko?

Obus A young man's father unable to get past a level and his father knowing he is talented tells him, it’s not possible, why? And how should he handle this?

Dr Osaz: Let me break it down to how the human mind works (in answering your question, Oga Obus) Human mind is divided into two the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is designed to operate at the level of logical reasoning only, so if you are using only it, you will see more obstacles and reasons why your dream/desire/goal cannot work. Just like logic says 1 + 1 = 2, when you can't see/get something you *logically reasoned is needed to be added to your talent/dream, say capital or financial help or connection, you tend to believe you may never be able to get through. This makes many think and over think till frustration sets in. Unfortunately, this turns into worrying, self-doubt, fears, demotivation, confusion, lack of clarity and creativity.

This is also because any long-standing psychological stress like worry, fear, doubts, etc shuts down the brain by switching it from the deep thinking mode (responsible for creative and innovative decision making & problem solving) to the superficial thinking mode (responsible for routine and simple tasks only like bathing, teeth brushing, etc) So, as an entrepreneur or creative artist, the market may be tough & there may be lots of disadvantages on your side like poor family background, location, lack of who-is-who in the society; but you must make up your mind:
1. Not to follow the lane of doubts, worries, or fears.
2. To go beyond using your conscious mind only because it will only make you think and over think till you see more of why it can't be done

Obus Zalee: Doctor, how does one handle negative words, and dehumanizing treatments from parents and leaders? How do overcome these thought patterns? Getting frustrated because you can't seem to make logical sense? Or abused so much?

Tony touch: Sir, what is the difference between depression and frustration?

Dr Osaz: Before I answer that @Obus, to respond to @Tony, frustration leads to hopelessness/worthlessness which leads to depression.

Dr Osaz: How do you conquer negative, dis-empowering, & limiting words thrown at you? We must all know that words are powerful. Words created this world and your words (words said to you and you are saying to yourself) will make or break your world. This is because at the root of all outcome in life is a belief and value system. You can't achieve something you don't believe in.
Similarly, your achievement of a dream is unstoppable if the belief driving you is right. However, our belief in ourselves or our dreams are weakened or strengthened by our perception to life, our thoughts, our emotions, & our words. This is where maximizing your subconscious mind comes in.

Obus Zalee: Doctor Please Tell Us More About These DEEP THINKING MODE and d SUPERFICIAL THINKING MODE?

Dr Osaz: Research has shown that 95% of life achievements are from the use of the subconscious mind. Only 5% from the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is your deep thinking mode. It is the seat of your instinct/intuition, purpose, temperament, emotions, and willpower. And you need all these elements to pursue and get your life goal especially when the going gets tough, it’s these elements that will keep you tough and going. However, access to this portion of you requires some skills because there is a gateway between your conscious mind and the subconscious mind. And it’s always closed until you open it. The gateway is called Reticular Activating System (RAS for short).

Hence, the question now is: what are the skills for opening this gateway so you can access your instinct/intuition, willpower, temperament, purpose, emotions, & drive? 1. Listening to yourself- what you are saying to yourself and what you are not saying.

Obus Zalee: How do you mean?

Dr Osaz: This requires that we pause in the face of struggles/challenges/those things not working to listen to our subconscious because it always knows the way out but the worries distract us too often. We must all learn to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work to embrace silence and meditate. Jesus did that a lot. Even God paused in Genesis 1:3 downward when the earth was shapeless and formless. His Spirit started hovering that is meditating on the issue. And please note that meditation is not the same as thinking. It is silence and then looking with the inner mind for the light in the darkness i.e the opportunities in the problems.

2. Questioning skill is key.
We don't ask questions well in this part of d world.

Obus Zalee: Intelligent questions with the aim to unravel solution u mean?

Dr Osaz: We don't question those stories we've been told of why something cannot work. Many are stuck in their talent or business or career because of the 'bullshit' stories they've been told from childhood by parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, pastors, teachers, friends, society, etc of why they can't do this, or achieve this, or get that.

Obus Zalee: Balakata!!(Speaking in Tongues)

Dr Osaz: These are the stories they are repeating to themselves as self-talks and have kept them stuck in recurrent patterns of failures, frustration,  & disappointment for years E.g. money is not easy to make, do you think money grows on the tree, you are not smart enough, you talk too much, do you think you are the only one there, if you don't have godfathers you can’t make it, you have to travel out to make money, etc And until these stories are collapsed with new, positive and empowering ones installed, nothing will seem to happen in the person’s life. Questioning is one sure way to get this done. Always ask yourself: where is this thought or perception coming from. Why am I feeling bad/not good enough/unlucky because of this issue? What is the evidence that this thinking pattern is true? What evidence from my past success story do I have to hold on to. Where will I find myself if I continue this kind of thinking and what other options do i have.

Obus Zalee: Doctor Osaz, why do people commit suicide or throw in the towel in life? How can Faith Rewind these tendencies?  We will love to have you come talk to us "live" September.

Dr Osaz: OK. People give in or give up on their dreams or attempt suicide because they can’t see hope in their life's journey any longer. Hopelessness/worthlessness is the closest and trigger for giving up or suicide. As Christians, you shouldn't get to that stage if you know your worth in Christ Jesus. Your battle for success or greatness is a battle of control over your mind. And the moment you make your mind believe you are losing control over a situation, it begins to shut down and you probably give up. So, ensure you are always asking questions about what other option is available. Go to places that can help you with this, meet people, read books, learn from others, pray for revelations, and lastly keep moving (no matter how slow). Just keep moving till you get result. The universe gives way to him who refuses to give up and knows where he is heading. YOU are unstoppable. Thank u all

Obus Zalee: Doctor I must let you go but promise you will be with us come september. My God!!! You have blessed us, I wish I could hold on to you for another hour.

Dr Osaz: Tanx Obus

Obus zalee: Doctor Osasuna is giving away 5 tickets to his meeting.

Hey guys.

The battleground for any spiritual, business, marital, or financial struggle is the mind!

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I will be personally engaging you in life coaching, NLP therapy, & strategy training to get unstuck from what's stopping or limiting you.

I'm excited already for your testimony that is about to erupt from this master class.

To participate, send your full name and phone number to Ade on 07046069040 to book a seat. Limited seats available (if you've done so b4, just expect your e-ticket via sms)

Thank you.
Good evening.

Obus Zalee: Thank you Doctor Osasuna God bless you.

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