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[MUST READ] DUPE IGE KACHI(MTN PROJECT FAME) Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

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The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the leadership of Obus Zalee Brodoh (Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interactive session with the Amazing Dupe Ige Kachi.  A Singer, song writer, vocal coach, music director, choir trainer, originator of FIND UR VOICE WITH IGE. She has been with MTN PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA since July 2008 till date. Enjoy the interview


Obus Zalee: Lady IGE we welcome you into this community, you don't need any introduction.


 Ige: It’s good to be here. Thank you for having me


Obus zalee: Many young talents want to start making money with their talent before they even hone them - what has been your explanation to those who confront you with this craze?


Ige: I would say it's a BAD IDEA! I can understand the rush, but let’s take a fruit for example before it ripens, it looks good, but it's actually poisonous if eaten! And there's something that practice does to improve your character. Practice doesn't only make it (skill) better. Your attitude to work and character improve too!


Obus zalee: What would be your advice?


Ige: I will advise any young upcoming talent not to be in a hurry to 'blow'! Work on your skill. Work in your character. They can resist the temptation by thinking about the future. If your foundation isn't strong your building will collapse!


Obus Zalee: Amen- Let's back up a little: How easy was it for you to discover your talent and evolve in this awesome personally?


Ige: @obus I come from a musical family. We all sing and play an instrument. So I realised that I could sing!


Ifee: Good afternoon ma! Please ma, how did you get into that position in Project Fame? Was it by screening or they just called you over and gave it to you?


Ige: It was a divine arrangement. I had prayed for an open door into reality TV shows and unknown to me, Uncle Ben had referred me to them

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 Obus Zalee: What is that thing you want to see in talents when auditioning or training them?


 Ige: Let's break it down.  Audition first. Lots of confidence and Talent.


Obus Zalee: What is a no no for you in any developing talent?


Ige: Pride ooooooo! Pride comes before a huge fall! And as an aspiring artist, You have no business being proud!


Obus zalee: Advise us a bit about it, your experience.


 Ige: Personally I strongly believe I am where I am today because I've managed to stay humble


Obus Zalee: MADAM IGE - How important is service to ones team, house or mentors by talents?


 Ige: It is only when you serve that you can hone your skill. Even the bible says if you don't do another man's work, who will give u yours? You cannot play with your mentors! Elijah and Elisha! If you serve well, you will get a double portion!


Leo babz: Every of your words so far have to do with CHARACTER... Why is it so ma?




Mac Dee: What advice can you give to folks that don't want to serve yet they want people to serve them?


Ige: Your talent can take u so far, but CHARACTER will sustain you!


Obus Zalee: Ma when do I know I am ripe to be showcased to the world. Some of us have just patiently being waiting for so many years?


Ige: This is a good question. Unfortunately I don't have the answer to it! All I can say is "Opportunity embraces Preparedness" So be prepared. Practice, Go for courses. Be an authority in your profession. When your time comes, you will be ready.


Ifee: The how-far one can go in his career is it dependent on one or on God?


 Ige: Whether I like it or not, whether you know it or not, Everything u do dependent on both you and God! There are things that u must do I.e. read, study, prepare yourself, But God will do what He will do


Vickyudegbunam: How do you deal with very close relations or friends who don't understand your passion they are always trying to make you fit into their own plans instead of letting you be you?


ige: Be consistent. But don't be rude. When they are u d succeeding they will change their minds. So don't be too concerned about them. You succeed!


Leo babz: Does everyone have the capacity to hit any note ma?


Ige: No. And you don't have to want to hit any note! Know your voice, improve on your voice! Explain what you mean by up there


Leo babz: Hmm... Great... Finally ma...hope the project fame does not reduce once closeness to Christ?


Ige: Rather it draws me closer to Him. I know my mission. I will not be distracted.

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 Ifee: Please ma, must every talent be "up there"?


Ige: No. Fulfil your Destiny! If it means being famous then by all means be famous! So your assignment is to know your calling and propose!


IAiTYL: Good afternoon house, ma can you tell us one of best moment in your life that you will never forget rite from d first day u start to sing?


 Ige: Every opportunity to sing is memorable, but I will never forget when I sang at a program and someone shared a testimony afterwards that she was just about to commit suicide but her friend brought her to the event and she gave her life to Christ! Every opportunity is a life transforming opportunity! Seize the moment! God bless you all!!


IAiTYL: Most people think you're not a gospel minister how do cope with that and why did you choose gospel because I see you more on the secular side?


Ige: I am a gospel artist. The nature of my job is that I meet and relate with both circular and gospel artists.


Obus zalee: Finally Everyone, Madam IGE we thank you loads for your precious time, our God increase you daily, salute the family.


Lady Ige: Thank you all soooooooo much! I decree that your light will shine in obscurity! You will not miss your time of visitation. People will hear and remember your name for eternity!

Love you loads! Ige signing out!

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