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[MUST READ] PAUL PLAY Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

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The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the leadership of Obus Zalee Brodoh (Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interactive session with the Versatile and Amazing PAUL PLAY. Enjoy the interview
Obuz Zalee: Ladies and Gentlemen we are overly excited to have a phenomenon join us this morning! PAUL PLAY we welcome you to this developmental house! How did your journey into music begin?

Paul play: Good morning everyone. Trust u guys had a splendid Weekend. I will proceed to answer the first question. My journey began at the age of 11, when I joined a 6 man choir group in my father's church. The name of the group was Calvary singers.

Obus Zalee: Paul you have been there "the music industry" be it secular and gospel - The first time I saw you ministering in 2009 at Rev Femi Paul's "Grace Assembly" Ikeja then under HOTR. What Do You Think Is The Challenge In Marketing Christian Music In Nigeria?

Paul play: The challenges are many. One of them is poor marketing and distribution network which is dependent on the general music market.

Obus Zalee: You have been there on both sides, what do you think is giving gospel music and entertainment a hard time to breakthrough!

Paul Play: Thanks sir. 1. Lack of structure. 2. Inability to woo corporate support and sponsorship. 3. Lack of internal support from the church organisations. 4. Lack of unity in the Christian community. If the Nigerian  Church come under one umbrella, they have the power to bring corporate Nigeria to their knees. The church community itself is big enough to sustain gospel music artistes. For instance RCCG can boast of about 10million congregation. That's a huge number.

Obus  Zalee: PAUL you know doctrines created division, if the church is unable to come together ? WHAT CAN THE TALENTS DO?

Paul Play: The gospel music artistes need to come together. Form an association. Force this unity.

Obus Zalee: There is now FOGMMON.

Paul Play: FOGMONN is a welcome development.
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Obus Zalee: Are there any suggestions on "wooing corporate support and sponsorship"?

Paul Play: The church is recognised as a powerful institution all over the world. If Pa Adeboye approaches MTN to advise them on supporting gospel acts. They know he can advise his huge congregation not to patronise MTN. They will come to the table even without any threat because the members always listen to the church leader. If this move is replicated by all church leaders .corporate Nigeria will start endorsing gospel acts

Obus Zalee: Awesome revelation

Dayo Manuel: Good morning bros Paul Play. Your story confirms the exodus of talents from the church to the secular space where most lose their originality and identity. Do you see this and can you prefer any solution by way of suggestion?

Paul Play: The church needs to groom and sustain its own. Gospel music industry needs to function as a stand alone entity.

David Eze: Sir, having experienced both the secular and gospel, what do you think a gospel artiste should do in terms audio production/video, and promotion?

Paul Play: Gospel acts need to improve on their video production.

Dayo Manuel: Your coming on stage was a welcome development knowing that your dad Baba IK Dairo was a notable voice on local and international stage. What structure do YOU have in place to develop upcoming artistes?

Paul Play: I still run my record label. And I've helped with many projects aimed at developing talents in the kingdom. I've attended many seminars organised by FOGMONN to advise upcoming acts on the trade.

David Eze: Sir, from your experience, what do you advice those in the gospel who are tempted to go secular?

Paul Play: I will advise any gospel act reading from me right now not to. It's more blurry than you know.

David Eze: why?

Paul Play: If you were already known as a gospel act and decided to go secular. You will lose your fans and the secular fans won't welcome you. It is going to be a hard sell.

Luhkas: Good morning sir, I'm an Afro pop artiste.... What do I do when I get people calling to come and perform my song at a club party?

Paul Play: You need to perfect your stage performance.  And go out more to showcase your talent. Get involved in any show happening around you. And don't think about money first.

Saint Michael: In terms of marketing, how do we get marketers to accept us the way they accept secular music.

Paul Play: Marketers are like sharks. They are as clueless as a confused artiste.  They like to jump into a moving train. They will never be there to help you to push it to start.
Push your work and get involved in terms of performance. Try and sell yourself on social media and all electronic platforms.  It's not all of them that are money conscious.

David Eze: Please what are the things you learnt from your Dad that has kept you?

Paul Play: I did learn to be very humble and open towards people.


Paul Play: Sir, uploading songs online for free is one of the biggest issues the industry is facing. We have perfected the act of short changing ourselves because we are afraid of competition. It's okay for an upcoming act to upload his music. That should be their platform. But A-list acts will not even give them space to breathe.

Dayo Manuel: Please what's the name of your record label and what's the web address so I could read more about it?

Paul Play: Playground entertainment.
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Leo Babz: Why do radio stations prefer to play Gospel songs only on SUNDAYS... what should be done about that sir...? When I went to top radio that was what I was told... I felt so bitter.

Paul Play: Good question. Because we are living in a country which considers herself as a secular state. The broadcast laws do not allow religious music. This is why there needs to be online gospel music and TV station, and gospel cable TV platforms.

David Eze: Can we protest on this?

Paul Play: Yes you can. FOGMONN need to fight the laws that restrict its members.  You will have to go to the national assembly.

David Eze: Can't this law be reverse if the gospel artiste come together to protest it?

Paul Play: Laws are made to be reviewed and modified. Definitely yes.

Obus Zalee: PAUL: My heart rejoice having you chat with us this morning - ctcng have a lot to do with you and as long as I live no talent under Ctcng covering will be clueless again but we must join hands and put our resources together to confront the common enemy.

Paul Play: My pleasure sir. I wish we could hold a seminar/ workshop I future to trash out all these issues.

Obus Zalee: FINALLY WE HOPE TO HAVE YOU CELEBRATE WITH US COME VISION 2020 Every Talent A Vessel...Thanks a million Paul.

Paul Play: You're welcome sir.

Obus Zalee: I will convey all the necessary details to you sir on all our seminars targeted on these issues. God is already involved thank you Paul.

Paul Play: Thanks for having me in this forum.

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