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[MUST READ] YINKA DAVIES Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

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The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the leadership of Obus Zalee Brodoh (Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interactive session with the renowned Yinka Davies (born July 16, 1970) She is a Nigerian Vocalist, dancer, Lyricist and Judge of the reality Show, Nigerian Idol. Yinka Davies has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28years. Enjoy the interview

Obus zalee: YINKA we are so excited you could join us. Ctcng is made of talents from all over Nigeria. Your experience in the field of entertainment and life is key for us to learn from.

Yinka Davies: Good afternoon dear family. Appreciate you all.

Obus Zalee: How did it all begin?  When did you realize "This is my Dream" ?

Yinka Davies: I didn't, I just walked into each blessing as though It was waiting for me
Fine arts, stage acting, dancing. Then singing was forced out of me by a friend who heard during one of our theatre practices, Sam Uquah Aka killimanjaro. It was a struggle for me to be a back up singer, all those lovely dresses, dancing on one spot before a microphone.

Obus zalee: Tell us how you discovered you could do all these explosion away from stereotype?
When did the break begin?

Yinka davies: I am serious it wasn't like I planned to be an artiste, Yes I loved drawing but that actually was my ultimate goal when I was 10 to be a fine artist. The rest just came by association at the national theatre. I never took any of them seriously, I'm tempted to say even now.

Obus zalee: wow!!!  As you know the challenges of being a successful christian Talent in our society are much. What were your major challenges and did you handle them? HOUSE BEGIN TO SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS.

Yinka Davies: We ought to begin a journey of seeing all challenges from a victorious position
Because we see pain, we need to change our thoughts and speech patterns and declare the end of what we want regarding what we face on a daily basis. So whatever is called challenge to me, is a blessing that must be acquired by smiles.

Ifee: Hi ma! Please, is this Yinka Davies born again and filled with the Holy Spirit?

Yinka Davies: Are there 2 yinka davies'? I am very much so sir, Born again spirit filled and loved hopelessly by God.

Leo babz: Good afternoon ma... I actually met you at Kefee concert ... Are there challenges you faced penetrating into the industry even when you have all it takes and ready made songs... Because at times you see many on TV and you are better than them.. But no funds to promote? How did you made it big... Physical experience.. Were you ever humiliated?

Yinka Davies: Humiliated.....hhhhmmmmmm. In all sincerity, we as Christians must see life as a school for learning and passing each class. Even when we become famous, we need to see fame as an exam.

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Dotun Oloyede: Good after noon.. What do you consider as the most challenging role you have played on stage?

Yinka Davies: None yet. Challenge for women could be sex based, money to get to record

Obus zalee: Which would you say is your best and happiest experience as an artist?

Yinka Davies: Giving people something great at every appearance.

Leo babz: Hmm... Meaning everyone must pay d price? Do you have every support when you were upcoming Or did you pay any unforgettable price?

Yinka Davies: When you say unforgettable price please explain so we all will understand

Leo babz: Like taking your pocket money to studio and starving.. Like borrowing to perform.. Like hawking to record and all that ma

Yinka Davies: Those of you that want to be famous, are you planning to be famous because you are desperate or you see money flashed around or you know in your heart you have a call to be a star. Leobabz I know loads of people who spent their pocket money to record and it's now news. Mine is more of a member of art I go where I'm needed, I didn't think I needed to record for a long time.

Ifee: Does the Holy Spirit speak and give you directions on your career, if yes, have they been working?

Yinka Davies: Ifee yes, The Holy Spirit is our ultimate friend in this world, we need to depend on Him entirely. This will actually be trying but you must trust Him completely

Tony touch: Greetings... Please do you ever get discouraged when you don't do well on stage like you should?

Yinka Davies: Tony discouragement should never be your focus sir, giving your best is.

Obus zalee: YINKA many in the church feel frustrated because they see the secular stars making wave and they seem to feel the church do not care, what do you have to tell such talents?

Yinka Davies: If you're tired just lean on The Lord, I talk with Him a lot before any program and I shut my eyes every time to listen for directions. Obus it's a dangerous position to be. We are not here to be stars we are here to worship God and exhibit Him to the world. It will be trying for younger people when they are driven by what they want.

Obus zalee: Yes but sometimes they have done all they know and it seem like, they have to ask or para their friend to survive? How would you address someone going through that phase now?

Yinka Davies: I will beg them all to search inside themselves and see how good do they think they are, will they support any of their friends or unknown person who is better than them. I know this for sure that frustrations set in when you've done all you could. My concern is your heart. What have you been instructed to do, Why are you looking at those who are making it in the world. THIS IS THEIR WORLD, They bow to all sorts you can't imagine some may be true but check it they don't last long.
Simply Collins: Has there been any time you felt like giving up totally without looking back?

Yinka Davies:  We all get tired when we do so much and we don't get returns and yes, we do get totally zonked like wanting to give it all up but, we need to search inside of us what drives us every morning? Nigeria is a major joy every time I think of her, I can't wait to see her prosper. That in itself means I must not give up on anything till she becomes great again.

Leo babz: I have been introduced to YBNL many times... I was almost there... But with pastors help... I have joined two Hip Hop record label before but with mentors help I withdrew.. But church don't support us as they should.. It's just grace that am still a Christian singer.. But why ma...Christian ministers don't organize concert and events for upcoming and churches don't really back up...many people advised me to switch or change church... Talk to me ma.

Yinka Davies: You must have gone through so much please explain your case again Mr Leobabz.

Obus zalee: Leobabz is in safe hands now.

Yinka Davies: What's YBNL?

Obus zalee: Olamide, Yahoo boys no laptop.

Yinka Davies: 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Loe babz: Olamide’s record label ma.

Yinka Davies: So sorry everyone. Our walk on this earth differs. Each of us must identify how God is leading them to where and to who.

Obus zalee: How would you handle "CHARGING" For ministration?

Yinka Davies: I have been paid 5k by a church before, I was upset because I was sort of broke at the time but I needed to tell myself the truth, I had promised myself I won't charge any church money! It's true that people would rather not give you anything.

Obus zalee: But how would you survive?

Yinka Davies: There are ways to be clear and firm about what you want from a church so you don't like reward in heaven. God keeps us all we need to see His hand on us everyday and we need in fact to decide who we want to be with or without Him.

Obus zalee: @ctcng  every talent we have refereed have been given something no matter the situation... Things are different now....but we don't charge.

Ifee: Ma, have you been asked to do something not comfortable for you before by the Lord, like He has told me to leave my job and do gospel music?

Yinka Davies: It's a great pleasure to serve God should you be told to leave your job to go do God's work it must mean our Father Himself will provide for you.

Obus zalee: Dear Yinka Davies one final request, will you answer CHRISTIAN TALENTS COMMUNITY when we ask you to come talk to us LIVE?

Yinka Davies: What is The Lord's will, is The Lord's bill. It will be my pleasure sir's and ma’s.

Obus zalee: Thank you so much for your love and time, I am glad I made this decision and am never alone.. THIS REVIVAL NEED YOU TOO YINKA.

Leo babz: MA please I need your response
I released my song a week ago.. And Frank Edwards used a cartoon for his new song.. I copied the cartoon also.. And use it for my song. Getting likes already...For d first time...frank Edwards chat me up and said WHY DO U LIE AND U ARE A GOSPEL  ARTISTE.. The next thing he BLOCKED’s still giving me headaches. I don't understand.

Yinka Davies: What does that mean? Did you lie to him?

Obus zalee: YES HE LIED. it’s not your cartoon, you must learn progressively.

Yinka Davies: You used a cartoon did you take permission to use it?

Leo babz: The cartoon is from the internet.

Yinka Davies: Aaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Obus zalee: Are you new in Ctcng and if you must grow right, you must follow what we teach and do
He used it first.

Yinka Davies: Oooohhhhh.

Obus zalee: You did not let me know about it.

Yinka Davies: Why did you use what he used?

Leo babz: And I tagged him and said from my mentor page

Obus zalee: That is why Ctcng is there. so you don't make nasty mistakes...don't be in a hurry.

Yinka Davies: I guess people will do anything when they are desperate you will be alright. Have you apologised to him?

Obus zalee: I am having him chat with us soon; I spoke with him this morning.

Yinka Davies: Are you still getting likes in the video?

Leo babz: Yes am still getting few likes ma. But I tagged him and said cartoon gotten from my mentor page.

Yinka Davies: If you can change the cartoon change it. What are you getting headaches for?

Obus zalee: Yinka Davies it’s been really  good having you with us today...this is a little issue, even unpaid downloads gives you nothing.

Leo babz: Thanks ma.


Yinka Davies: Appreciate you all for this great forum thank you all. And thank you more brother Obuzalee

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