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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DOWNLOADmusic: Godson+T frizzle~Dear Mama

This is a song celebrating  motherhood. Its also dedicated to my late mum. Produced by T frezle who also features on it. The song is titled dear mama. Download, listen and enjoy!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Monday, November 28, 2016

Music: Toh Marvellous Ft. Tope Alabi ~ Mike Abdul

Music: Toh Marvellous Ft. Tope Alabi ~ Mike Abdul [@MikeAbdulNG]

Spaghetti Records head honcho, Mike Abdul collaborates with songstress, Tope Alabi on this good tune titled Toh Marvellous.

The song is off Mike Abdul’s latest album KOREDE.


Buy KOREDE album :


Apple Music:

Watch KOREDE Official Music Video:


Twitter: @MikeAbdulNG


Raymond Okpara popularly know as Jazzy Ray is set to tie the knot with his beautiful heartthrob Kristy Udoh on the 1st of December 2016 at the Communion Church Headquarters festac town by 10am. Lets be there to support him. We say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS BRO! You can also drop your wishes here.

DOWNLOADmusic; Odii-Standing

Here is another song you need to add to your playlist. Brand new single from Odii titled STANDING. Download, Listen & enjoy!


Saturday, November 26, 2016


Gospel/Inspirational singer Jameslord is here again with something fresh... It's Thank You Sir....A song of absolute appreciation and acknowledgment to God as the Evident one in all of our existence. Thank You Sir is focused on God and it's well delivered with great music and energy to get your praise on instantly. Produced by the ever amazing OyehBeatz. Please Download, Listen and Share. Everything cHiLLiN!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

DOWNLOADmusic: Just Roland-My Life Time

 Finally "Just Roland" officially releases another of his most anticipated super-natural song titled "My Life Time"this song has been a huge blessing to many lives as it primarily introduces the great heart keeper "Jesus". Download, Listen & be blessed!



Thursday, November 24, 2016


Image result for Nathaniel bassey



Church leaders are very pivotal to young men and women achieving their full potentials in Christ.

I say this because I am a product of this. Most of you have read my story, and I keep telling it to encourage younger folks, and to put them in the straight and narrow path.


I have since found out that it is not Love or an act of kindness and goodness to put a young man or woman in the limelight, merely on the basis of talent. This is something I personally did not understand but as I grew, and matured in Christ, this has became so clear and real to me.

Many say doing so is to encourage them. But I say, true encouragement is discipleship, preparing and equipping  them.


You see, in my days at the city of David, serving under my late pastor and mentor, I struggled to understand a few things. We would have guest preachers and music ministers from the USA and other parts of the world come, and whenever they saw me play, some would approach my Pastor to ask if they could take me to the abroad for some events. My Pastor's reply to them, which he once told me, was this,"HE IS NOT READY?" I just couldn't understand. Not ready? Are you God??? USA? How do you know I'm not ready? All these I thought in my heart. But do you know the truth? I WAS NOT READY. If you follow talent and gift alone, you can miss it. Truth is, Probably, I would have absconded in the States, towed a very different path from what I have taken today, and altered my whole destiny forever. But today, I'm full of thanks that I had a wise and spiritual man of God to make those hard decisions on my behalf. That's why I advise music ministers, no matter how high God lifts you, HAVE A PASTOR. DON'T BE THE LORD OF YOUR LIFE. YOU NEED A MAN OR WOMAN WHO CAN LOOK YOU IN THE EYE WIHOUT SENTIMENTS TO SAY "CALM DOWN"


Anyway, back to my first gist. I believe in training and discipleship. In fact, that's why the scripture calls the followers of Christ DISCIPLES, from the word DISCIPLINE. Because we a disciplined people. Soldiers of Christ. And if there's something soldiers do, they TRAIN, and are TRAINED.


Why am I writing this? I know a young person, who perhaps has zeal for the music ministry, and by hindsight and foresight, having gone ahead in this ministry by God's grace, realized he has a lot of work to do. Because when it even comes to the Singing itself, struggles to stay on key through a song, talk less of a whole worship session. Then talking of the things of the Spirit, has quite a long way to go. Character nko? Very little or almost zero. And when you encourage such to stay, learn, seek God first, and then work hard to develop the gift and talent, would just think you hate them and trying to block their destiny.

And before you know it, they run away. And sadly, hear how they have been sponsored to produce a single or an album, and my heart just weeps for them. Also because some of us church leaders can't be sensitive enough to pick and identify those that need to be FIRST, prepared before launched out. It would shock you to know that we do this in an attempt to make them stay in our church. However, this is done at the expense of their lives. Hear me dear, Jesus spent over 20 years preparing for a ministry of just 3 years. I say over 20 year just to leave out his very early days, but most would say 30 years. The one we call the WORD, himself sat down listening to doctors of the law, and asking questions.He did this for years before launching out. The way and time you launch out will determine how long you last. If you are in a hurry to launch out, you will also fizzle out in a hurry.


And talking about encouragement, this is how I was encouraged. I was taught the word, and encouraged by my pastor to first and foremost chase hard after God. Then musically, he encouraged me to practice for hours. I can never forget the time my pastor planned to have Wynton Marsalis to come to Nigeria, all because he wanted me to see a world class trumpet player and be inspired. He encouraged me by getting me music resources, books and my equipment to practice. He did this the times he travelled, and would ask what I wanted. Thank GOD I was wise enough to ask for things other than cloths and shoes. And as I grew, he had me minister a lot in church. And shortly before he passed away, began asking me to prepare to record my own songs. Can you see the trend? I began playing the trumpet in 1991 but it wasn't until 2008 that I recorded my first album, 17 years after. And I'm not saying you have to wait 17 years. The point I'm trying to make it that there's always a process and time involved in achieving true success and greatness. People differ, and their timing may be shorter than others.


Let me also use Sinach as an example. Even after many well known songs, sung around the world, that lady didn't minister outside her church. It wasn't until a few years ago we began seeing her do so. She had served in her home church, and still does. But you see a young man or woman, barely started, and they want to sing at the EXPERIENCE and tour the world.


You want a powerful music ministry, one that glorifies God, touches lives and nations. One with posterity, that will out live you after you have left this world? THIS IS THE WAY.

I'm not talking about packaged music ministry, something you run in the flesh and with money, NO SIR/MA. Something that ends even before you begin. I'm talking about true, effective and solid Christ-centered music ministry with undeniable Apostolic proofs. You will have to walk the straight and narrow. And here's what I have found, when you are ready, the platforms and sponsors just show up, miraculously. And that is because it is God's agenda and not your's. And God sure knows how to fund his things.


If after reading this, you still think I'm trying to delay your turn to shine, then I'm afraid you are not ready for the real deal. But I pray for you today, that the Holy Ghost that has opened my eyes to these truths, will do same for you. And let me add, this is not just theory, by the grace of God I am a living , and can tell you, these principles WORD ! Like night and day.


Let me end with this illustration. There are trees and there are trees. A Cedar is one of the most special trees in the world even in the Bible. While most trees will grow in a matter of weeks, a Cedar takes as long as two years to grow. But all this while, it grows downwards, taking its root in streams of water. And you can imagine what other trees will think of it. A failure, one that won't grow. And it's like the story of our lives. When God is working on you, it looks like a wilderness time. And appears as though things are just happening to others except you.


But then when a Cedar tree starts to grow, it grows so tall and wide and can live as long as 2,000 years while others last but a few years. It would interest you to note that some Cedar trees that were in Bible times still exist today. This speaks of posterity. Let me ask you. Which would you rather be, A CEDAR TREE or every kind of tree????


God bless you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As we get ready for the GOSPEL of StreetG, remember our Journey since 2012 till today, God has been faithful in giving us the enablement to keep forging ahead in taking the GOSPEL to the streets of Festac town and beyond.

For the first time StreetG takes the souls and her audience to Church for the 4th year Anniversary holding this SUNDAY Nov27th at a vibrantly youth dominated Church.... @King city ministries,20b Muda street beside OVERCOMERS clinic off Alafia Bustop, ORILE LAGOS.


A 3hour worship story that expresses the re-awakening of the gods in this present age...#thegodsARENTsleeping is been hosted by your regular host JheRI Who will be featuring great kingdom fast rising gospel ministers like Klebshout, Bishop ACHO, Chioma Jheri, Dason, victor Paul, edavids, Rapsodee, Oweezo, faithful Nwoke, Roland Mathew, icePraiz, MO oladapo and the dynamic 6thsenseFAMILY...


GatePASS: N1000

for tickets and bookings



Get ready for an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME with Street GOSPEL!!!

DOWNLOADmusic: TLG – E Don Tey + Omo Yi (remix)


Samuel Toluwalase Emmanuel a.k.a The Lyrical Guy (TLG) is an anointed minister of Christ. A graduate of mass communication from Caleb University and a graduate of the BCC Word of faith Bible school. He drops two single,  E Don Tey and Omo Yi (remix).



Monday, November 21, 2016

GOD RAISED THIS CHILD @BOW(banquet of worship).

This is the most overwhelming encounter I've ever had, I am amazed the supernatural wonders of God in my life. This beautiful daughter of zion was attacked by the devil @the event organized by the youth church of the New Creature church, and she died instantly..Immediately all the ministers at the event gathered and was praying for the baby as the spirit led them, and I was at the back of the congregation sitting not knowing what was going until the spirit of God said to me that "This is the reason why I told you to come to this event 2days before the event while I was praying in my room". Immediately I walked gently to the altar where the ministers were praying for the child, and I beacon that they give me the dead child as I join faith together with all the ministers. I heard God said to me that everybody should stop praying and start praising God, and then I lifted up the dead child and shouted Jesus and we all shouted the name of the girl(JOY)  3* and she opened her eyes and sneezed back to live. The whole congregation burst into joy unexplainable and we all praised God almighty for this miracle!!!






Saturday, November 19, 2016


This cute gospel lyricist is perhaps one of Nigeria's foremost Gospel female Rap Act. Her lines eradicates doubt about God's willingness to love and bless his own. With a contemporary rap attitude on the offensive against the works of darkness in praise to God.

The Album "JOY" is the First studio album by Nigerian Christian hip hop artist Liyia. This album features appearances from Obus Zalee,  Ob Nelson and LucyLoud.
 "Joy" is a true deep, insightful and in depth album of God's love set on revealing God to you in a whole new way.

1. JOY by Liyia ft Obus Zalee
2. CONQUEROR by Liyia ft Gamie
4. JONZING by Liyia & LucyLoud
5. LET'S GET IT STARTED by Liyia & LucyLoud
6.LET ME LOVE YOU by Liyia
8. GOTCHA by Liyia
9. AWAY IN LOVE by Liyia
10. HEAR SAY by Liyia
11. OSENOBUA by Liyia
12. NO SENRENRE by Liyia
13. WHAT U WANA by Liyia & LucyLoud
14. IN UR FACE by Liyia
15. LOST by Liyia

Enjoy New Single "Hear Say" free download from Liyia's Album Release.
Album on sales on various outlets....

Thursday, November 17, 2016

DOWNLOAD Music: Lara George – Nobody Greater + Eyin L’OBA



Its Finally Out!!! Multiple Award -Winning Artiste/Ijoba Orun crooner.  Lara George drops two smashing singles titled ”Nobody Greater” And ”Eyin L’oba” off her 2017 Album..


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


DaSOn whose real names are Olumuyiwa Ebiesuwa is strictly a Gospel Rapper and Spoken word Artiste. He spits divine words of EDIFICATION, ENCOURAGEMENT & ENTERTAINMENT like no other.
His single ''HALLELUYAH'' won the Award for the best rap single at the MEGAWARDS 2014 and best Hop Hop/ Rap single in the just concluded Music and Entertainment Gospel Award 2015 with his indegenious rap single titled Ola le peju.
 This anointed, award winning and Maverick Gospel Rapper and Spoken Word Minister made the compilation.



The importance of thanksgiving cannot be over emphasized.
So I took my time to express it via a song titled Thank You Sir.
Produced by the extraordinary and creative genus... OyehBeat.
The song is sure to get you dancing.

Release date is 27th of November 2016 which happens to be my birthday.
I'm so excited and I can't wait to share the amazing, groovy song with you all.
Please watch this space and anticipate.

Everything cHiLLiN!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016



S.O. just released a music video for “Fall”, a track off his new EP These Things Take Time out now. 

He was recently interviewed the Lamp Mode Recordings artist about this song and project.

Watch “Fall” music video below.

DOWNLOAD Music: Emmy Abraham – You Are Good


Emmy Abraham is an international Artiste, a dynamic worship leader, a talented and anointed singer, prolific songwriter, guitarist and an award winning Artiste. He won Best Gospel Male Artiste 2015, Best Gospel Song 2015 and Best Gospel Recording 2016, at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles, California, USA. He’s currently based in the Capital city on Nigeria, Abuja.

From his forthcoming album come this song, “YOU ARE GOOD” a declaration of God’s goodness, His mercies and grace in spite of us. “It’s not about what we have done or didn’t do, it’s really about what He did because He loves us” This song is written by Emmy Abraham, it’s a song of worship from a grateful heart to the father.


Efe Nathan Celebrates Her Daughter As She Turn 6


Gospel music artiste..efe nathan. The proud mum took to his Instagram page to wish her 6-year-old daughter a happy birthday.. She said..

I can’t keep calm! My Daughter Zamar ROCKS AT 6! Happy wonderful birthday to my Cherrie,  My Joy, My Angel Zeeeeeee baby.
You will continue to be a blessing to me, your family and the world. You will be greater than me. You will do exploits for God. As you add another year, May the brilliant flame of God’s power Continue to burn and blaze your path in Jesus Name Amen!
Mummy loves you soooooooo much.
I love and celebrate you my child.


Monday, November 14, 2016

DOWNLOAD Music: Covenant Brothers – You Came (ft. Florocka)


Covenant Brothers celebrates 15years Anniversary with a New Song titled YOU CAME featuring FLO

Known for their unique sound of worship and praise songs only inspired by the scriptures and the Holy Spirit, the Covenant Brothers (Consisting of Oluwatobi Black, Adebayo Oluwanifemi and Olawale Young) are Lagos based, Nigerian gospel group of young, married men sold out to Christ and have one mission in this day and time…’to show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light.’ Their style of gospel music captures the quintessence of the Nigerian flavour.

The trio are fast rising, and in their 15 years of ministering, they have been opportuned to minister alongside notable Nigerian and Internatiinal ministers on various platforms home and abroad like: RCCG INTERNATIONAL CAMP GROUND, Foursquare Gospel Church NATIONAL CAMP GROUND and HEADQUATERS, TREM INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, INSPIRATION PRAISE JAMZ, MARATHON MESSIAH’S PRAISE(Daddy Adeboye’s Yearly Birthday Concert), to mention but a few.

They are the first LAGOS SHIFT AMBASSADORS and here is a new worship song from them featuring FLO (Twale crooner), titled “YOU CAME “.

A song that talks more about GOD’s manifestations. In this period when many are shouting RECESSION but God is saying POSSESSIONS of many abundance of good things are your portion. Many testimonies has come in durring and after the stage perfomance of this song and yours will not be an exceptional. 

DOWNLOAD Music: Izzy – BIBELI (Prod. By Nimix)


Following the successful launch of his double praise & worship album, HIGHER & LIFTED, U.S based gospel artist, Izzy doles out “BIBELI” off the praise album, HIGHER.

BIBELI” has a well crafted instrumentation with the sultry vocals of Izzy to follow suit. This great piece underscores the importance of the Bible in the life of a Christian. With scriptural references to Ephesians 6:17,  2 Corinthians 1:20 ,  Psalm 119:11, Matthew 4:4 & 
Joshua 1:8, the song emphasizes the word of God as a weapon against the Devil.

BIBELI” was produced by Nimix, mixed & mastered by Izzy. Listen & be blessed!


SELAH ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (SEAwards) 2016 Nominees list


SELAH ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (SEAwards) 2016 Nominees list

Selah Entertainment Awards (SEAwards) Kaduna has released its nominees list for the 2nd Annual SEAwards 2016.

Martha Mams Kasim (Founder/President Star Youth Ministry), organisers of the annual Awards, said” Lot of entries were received (Works that falls between 2015 – 2016) in which our reputable judges vetted.”

This year’s award event is slated for 4th

SEAwards Kaduna 2016 nominees are…


– Charlz Dogo – Yaron Dogo
– Jay Mun – Heaven
– Ewoma Ewonda – Gidigba
– Joe E – Obrigado
– Nancee – My inspiration


– Charlz Dogo ft Fist – Yesu shi ne masta
– Gad ft Oshe – After Church
– Gaebry-L ft WordSmith & Jeff pee – God at work
– Leo Owan ft Cris Kester – Laba Laba


– Compass
– Soul quest
– DeLight
– Spirit Quest


– GospelHype
– Kingdomboiz
– Praizjamblog
– RevelationMusic


– Jabbowak Designs
– MGraphics (Movak Design)
– Neon Designs
– Prowess Media
– Hill Lightened Design


– Am Luther
– Ikons
– Prodigy Dan
– TjSax
– Richy
– Karami


– Dollar Infinity (DollarBeatz)
– kastro Bridge
– Metro


– Gaebry-L – What if
– Leke Benson – Adura
– Sweetleke – Surrender
– Aijay – Igwe
– Nancee – I lift my hands


– Jakes Tudu (Liberty Radio)
– Timothy Tanko Da Emir (Raypower)
– Maiyaki Ishaya (Liberty Radio)
– Didam – (KSMC)
– Dr. Ayodele Joseph (KASU fm)


–  Aiken – Mun Fito
–  Jay Mun – Osinachi
– Vamus – Eazy de leach
– Charlz Dogo ft EazybobWizzy – All Day
– EazybobWizzy – Nike


– Kespan – Soyaya
– Jussy J ft BOC Madaki – Ke Kadai
– Tgrand – Zaman Lafiya
– Gaebry-L – God at work
– Vblaiz – Koro eyes


– Leke Benson – Adura
– Jay Mun – Osinachi
– Ewoma Ewonda – Gidigba
– Charlz Dogo ft Fist – Yesu shi ne masta
– Leo Owan ft Cris Kester – Laba Laba
– Joe E – Obrigado


– Jay mun
– Nancee
– Ewoma Ewonda
– Charlz Dogo
– Joe E
– Eff Ell

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Visit our social media platforms for VOTING details.

Twitter: @SelahEntAwards
Facebook: Selah Entertainment Awards

Martha Mams Kasim


Comedian Akpororo And Wife Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary

Image result for akpororo wedding anniversary

Comedian Akpororo and his wife, Josephine are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today, November 14th, 2016. They welcomed their first child, a baby girl in August 2016. Celebrating their love, Akpororo wrote:

“My world, my all in one. Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for your understanding and for been a good wife bcos with you I can go extra miles, with you I can fight any Battle, your love they burst my brain.
To say I know say naso marriage they sweet I for done marry you since. May God strengthen you to do more. Pls friends help me celebrate my heart and Padi of live for believing in me. Our little princess and I are saying HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO THE BEST WOMAN/MOTHER IN THE WORLD #wifey #myheart #queen #padi #muchlovefromrorokingdom”

Sunday, November 13, 2016

MEGA Awards To Hold 20th November 2016

The fourth edition of the Music & Entertainment Gospel Awards (aka MEGA Awards) will hold November 20, 2016 at the main auditorium of NECA House, Alausa, Ikeja.

Iretunde Akintunde-Johnson, a member of the MEGA Central Working Committee, CWC, announced this in a statement issued Friday. The statement said musical works submitted by artistes are currently being screened by the a Body of Judges.

The judges are named: Revd. Ekpeyong Bassey (Karis Band); Laolu Akintobi (aka Laolu Akins, ace producer/music advocate); Pastor Paul Tao El-Shaddai (veteran instrumentalist/producer);  Evang. Tolu Gaye (ex-A&R Mgr, EMI);. Funmi Onabolu (GMD, Cosse Group); Broda Martyns.

Others are Amos McRoy Jegg (recording artistes/ministers); Muyiwa Majekodunmi (of famed Jazzville/Praiseville concerns); Pastor Uche Chikwendu (youth/music minister); Gloria Rhodes (of Steve Rhodes Voices fame), Pastor Abayomi Oladiji (Regional Coordinator, RCCG Drama), etc.

“Nigerian lovers of gospel music will soon have the opportunity of voting for their favorites pre-nominated in at least 13 award categories, including artiste and best new artiste of the year, inspirational song, music video, etc. Voting starts on  Monday, October 17, 2016 on two platforms only: the website of the awards ( and our Facebook page ( Voting ends few days before the awards night”, the statement added.

MEGA had held three previous editions at The Haven Event Centre, GRA,

MEGA’s first statement in 2016 was the successful organisation of the first Winners’ Concert and Dinner Gala. It was a spectacular night of camaraderie and quality music, featuring Kenny  K’ore, Eben, Mike Abdul, Cute Sagay, Psalmos, Aimee, Da’son and Ify Chukwu.