Monday, November 21, 2016

GOD RAISED THIS CHILD @BOW(banquet of worship).

This is the most overwhelming encounter I've ever had, I am amazed the supernatural wonders of God in my life. This beautiful daughter of zion was attacked by the devil @the event organized by the youth church of the New Creature church, and she died instantly..Immediately all the ministers at the event gathered and was praying for the baby as the spirit led them, and I was at the back of the congregation sitting not knowing what was going until the spirit of God said to me that "This is the reason why I told you to come to this event 2days before the event while I was praying in my room". Immediately I walked gently to the altar where the ministers were praying for the child, and I beacon that they give me the dead child as I join faith together with all the ministers. I heard God said to me that everybody should stop praying and start praising God, and then I lifted up the dead child and shouted Jesus and we all shouted the name of the girl(JOY)  3* and she opened her eyes and sneezed back to live. The whole congregation burst into joy unexplainable and we all praised God almighty for this miracle!!!







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