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[MUST READ] EMMA UGOLEE Exclusive interview on CTCng Chats-platform.

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The Christian Talent community Nigeria under the leadership of Obus Zalee Brodoh (Chief Responsibility Officer) had an interview/interactive session with Veteran broadcaster and "king of talk shows" EMMA UGOLEE. Enjoy the interview

Obuz Zalee: Emma ugolee is in the house with us

WELCOME BRO!  ctcng is a talent forum with talents from over 300 religious institution... We see this as s great privilege


Emma Ugolee: The honour stays mine please.


Obus zalee: You were with us today on 📻 and I was speechless with the immense hope you exude.. Please tell the community your story, as briefly as possible but be free.


Emma Ugolee: Briefly, diagnosis for kidney disease came as a shock in 2012. Cause uncontrolled high blood pressure which was inherited and dependence on Naproxine (a pain killer) which took care of gout  (Another condition I had had for years which causes immense pain I  the joints) .

Began treatment called dialysis (a blood cleansing 4 hour treatment which cleanses the blood in some sort of mockery of the way the kidney does it).

Had a transplant in the same year 2012 but the new kidney lasted for 6months in fact never functioned maximally from day 1. India seemed to be the problem here as the story was the same with 12 patients I knew who used the best Indians hospitals. So back to dialysis which now cost me about N450k a month from 3 times a week for almost N50k per session. No escaping dialysis. Averagely, 2 weeks without it is death spelt without a doubt. So the struggle has been at N450k monthly for the last 4years plus. This long to get the body ready again for another transplant and to raise the funds. 

So Nov 2016 face starts unusual swelling.  Doctors confirm a rare condition of collapsing of the veins from excess needle pricking and procedures inserted caterers  (a complex tube used to make blood extraction easier during dialysis) So blood was not using  usual travel routes and was getting stuck in the upper body.  Two 5 hour procedures barely attacked the issue so the final medical advice was "go for surgery As soon as possible"

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So that's where we are. The best cost of doing this transplant now in the US is $100,000,00. That's N50million @ 480 per dollar or so. So we had to make it a public forum thing to raise the cash. In the last two months N30.5million has been collected. We are still headed for the extra N19.5million to close shop and head out. Lol


Obuz zalee: How has it been with you Emma emotionally


Emma Ugolee: Frankly ...... Devastating.  The torture was not meant for humans.


Obuz zalee: You say you have to go under the middle to purify your blood 3x a week, just to be able to live?


Emma Ugolee: Yeah 15 hours weekly. I do 5hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Obus zalee: Are you telling me it's over if you miss a week or two?


Emma Ugolee: Yea death becomes you. If you skip just about enough to shut down your system with containing the deadly toxin called urea which others pass out regularly as liquid called Urine ....a liberty denied kidney patients.


Obuz zalee: I saw the big holes covered by tapes IN your arms... I was you feel pains when it's done?  every two days as long as you live unless you do d operation?


Emma ugolee: Yea. The needles are huge and the steady pricking has that not so nice look on the arm after a while.


Obus zalee: Anybody wants to ask Emma a question... I have had enough... I thank God for your HOPE and STRENGTH. Please post the account details.


Emma ugolee: Thanks a lot Bro for the opportunity. Checking yourself at least once a year is OK.  Ask that you want a kidney function test. It doesn't cost a fortune. Stay away from pain killers without prescription. Dehydration is a no no. If you are diabetic or hypertensive you are at the most risk to have kidney disease. 80% of your kidney function can be lost without a single symptom. So please check. This is the most important message I spread at public forums like this and I am most grateful for this chance.


Obus zalee: 19.5million naira there about us needed to go to the US not INDIA again... Because INDIA have been a major problem as most of our own who went there did not live long. Please post your account details here for all who cares......You will live Emma


Emma ugolee: Emmanuel Chinenye Ugolee Zenith Bank  1002786554


Obus zalee: Emma I will take you out now, you need to rest we'll reach you soon. My prayers will be with you all this journey from now


Emma ugolee: Thanks Bro and my most sincere thanks to your group. Be well.




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