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Friday, April 28, 2017


SMH (Shaking My Head) is a stinging commentary on the state of Christian HipHop in Nigeria today.

DaBoomsha bares his mind on several controversial issues in this State-Of-The-Union address to the HipHop community.

 With a gripping intro by deceased Rap legend, Tupac Amaru Shakur as well as vocals from other CHH artistes,

SMH is another lyrical masterpiece which is unapologetically confrontational and thought-provoking at the same time.

 Arranged,Mixed And Mastered by T-Beiz (@TBeiz) for DakDak Studios (@dakdakstudios)

 To download and listen to the song, pls click on the link below:

Rapsodee Da Boomsha is a HipHop Luminary,TV Show Host, Radio Presenter and Performing Artiste with a flair for writing.

His literary and musical works collectively known as 'The Boomsha Kreatives' include the 'Rebel Muzik Mixtape" Vol 1 & 2, "Mavrixx EP", as well as the #BoomshaDiaries.

His stories and songs deal with contemporary issues and influence public opinion especially within members of the urban christian community.

Facebook: Boomsha

Twitter: @daboomsha

IG: @daboomsha

Snapchat: DaBoomsha


YeahThis is how i feelright or wrong
Just what i was feeling at d timeYou know i had to say something
So lets get it Ive bn contemplating on certain topics of conversation
Sourcing information and getting some confirmation
Im done wt d consultations
Its time for d Consummation
Gotta address these issuesand get in the confrontation
Christian HipHop, no doubtI representHoly Spirit living inside
as d evidenceHipHop Missionary
All 5 elementsReady for the war but the church aint ready yetSame old faces on the posters of church eventsSame old gospel artistesMan, aint nuthing changedI made a vow never to attend the experience
Until i see a christian rapperUp in dat stadiumDats why the youths wud rather be at the discothequesPastors are outta touchso there's a disconnect
This culture we stand forThis ministry we rap foris not accepted or celebrated
on their platformsDamn  I hear some rappers braggingAbout the money they cashingThere must be something fundamentally wrong with the blackmanUr not as rich as dangoteWat u getting hyped aboutUr not driving a Lamborghini
Ogbeni, justshut ur mouthThe sultan of brunei
has 22 in his parking lotYou neva even buy oneBut ur d one to talk a lotSm Christian personalities
In the mediaso quick at dissing usBut wont be assisting usfamzing wt d industryBut criticize the ministryDont smile in my face
and lie to me you feeling me
Cos when you hit the stationYou still wont play me thoStick to the daddy yo songsOn ur radioHow about the christian bloggersWho claim that they love usBut when the songs dropThey pretend and ignore usYou keep reaching outthey never reply ur emailBut CHH is all of usIf we fail, then you fail   Its time to address the houseGet it off my chest and mouthquiet for a long timeNow its time to let it outThis is for my brothersand sisters in the community
CHH communeBut wats a commune without the unity?
We supposed to be, famSame team, same signatureSame body, arm, leg, headSame ligatureWats wt d competionJealousy and self promotion
Ego wt d braggadocio
Ooh.. Dats a heady potion.
Arguments about
Whose raps is d most anointed?
fighting for a church endorsement
Its time we reject d poisonGod wants an armyWhy u raising an idoli started boomsha Kreative
Made clients outta my rivalsWats ur plan for d movement
Cant u see dat we losing?
Gotta make some improvements
And get d ministry moving!
A lotta tinz i used to care about no longer move me thoThere's more to the music than lacing tracks in d studioAll d rappers who came before menever took a bullet for meHad to learn from my mistakesAppreciate d wounds dat scarred meroll wt a righteous armyThese are my tribal markingsI die for the causeIm Proud to be a kamikaze
I gladly support my team
In a major wayShow em how to be a soldierFar from civillian waysThe Trinity is teamwork
Peep d divine logoIf we fly solo, we die soloSMH 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


I am specially inviting you to this awesome Event #Jesusin360
Venue : Rccg (tree of life parish)
Date 14TH MAY 2017
Address : 78,Marine road, Apapa G.R.A, Lagos Nigeria
Time : 3pm prompt

Just Roland and Exceptionalz

Also ministering : E-davids, Richard Matthew, Joseph Shaibu Godwin, Goodguy Abaraoha and also the pastor of tree of life parish Pastor Daniel Unuane.

Please don't miss it.
Make it a date.
Contact us here:


Monday, April 24, 2017


#StreetGeeRETURNS in the next 38days with the 42nd Series as Jheri features in  #3WISEmenAlongside the ANOINTED AND SPIRIT FILLED WORSHIPPER @babzcarpenterz and the ENERGETIC AND Multifaceted GIFTED MINISTER @iamedavids in a 150minutes total WORSHIP EVENING... 

As the #3WISEmen Came and worship JESUS CHRIST with their ALL without holding back anything 

Everyone will be coming to worship with their entire being at the feet of CHRIST. 




We ONLY HAVE TWO WINNERS FOR our quiz on naming two of the wise men coming to minister. And they have been contacted.

Special thanks to everyone that participated by sending in their answers.






Sunday, April 23, 2017


As we officially reveal the Theme for #Jesusin360 "HIS EMBRACE" Halleluyah! 

We derive so much comfort/love when people embrace us,then what if jesus do? 

And he said to me Roland! "I want to embrace as much people that will opens up their heart to me" on that day 

And until now I haven't recovered from THIS.


Make it a date 

:14th of May 2017

:3pm prompt

:Rccg, tree of life parish 

:78, Marine Aoad Apapa G.r.a, Lagos Nigeria 

Join me and the Exceptionalz with other icons of LIGHT as we anticipate "His Embrace"


It is reported that there were 7,000 Churches that did not win a single soul for Jesus Christ in an entire year. The song “Save Me” by Lawscores, a gospel blended rap hip hop is timely scaled to  focused mainly on Christians who see soul winning business as for selected few but forgot how they got saved. The disciples of Jesus Christ sacrificed their time, career, ambition to make sure the gospel was heard to all nations and today we can boast of Jesus because of their zeal and passion for the gospel. In his words, Lawscores says “I pray as you listen to this spirit filled song, the zeal to reach out for the lost souls will become our desire”.

Therefore the song Save Me is not only a beat with solo but it’s truly a message to our generation, get it now!


DOWNLOADmusic: Olotu Trump~No Delay

New single from Olotu Trump titled 'No Delay'. No Delay is a funky High life tune with a banging trap beat. The song was produced by three16, mixed and mastered by mello and composed by trump. If you love good music download and enjoy!

Follow trump on iG @Olotu_trump, twitter @trump_mhm, Facebook @Olotu trump mhm.

Friday, April 21, 2017

DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~PaPaPaRaRaRa Produced by OyeahBEATZ

To mark his birthday (April 22nd) Multiple Gospel Award winning Rapper DaSOn is blessing this world with a fresh tune titled PaPaPaRaRaRa Produced By The World famous OyehBEATZ. A song that has a bit of Reggae, Ragga, Rap, Rhyme, Reason, Rhythm and all the Razzmatazz you will love. Wetin you dey wait for Oya download and start to enjoy the Gbedu!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The long awaited song is just a day away. Its dropping on the 22nd of April 2017 which happens to be his birthday, Here is the lyrics of this amazing song.

LYRICS: DaSOn~PaPaPaRaRaRa produced by OyehBEATZ

papapararara (2ce)
Nothing they happen nothing dey par,
Nothing they sele nothing dey par. (2ce)

Them say dem go tie me pan their ALTER,
dem go make me cry well like ALUBOSA,
Say dem go make my life smell like a GUTTER,
dem go remote my life like harry POTTER,
Me start to shisha and CHOCO,
Feeling really cool with me SMOKE O,
Awopa anything LOCAL,
Brandy, whisky for me SHOWS O,
Me start to misbaHAIVE O,
Me no dey look uche FACE O,
Nobody fit to stop me CRASE O,
The devil pulling me to me GRAVE O,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no witches fit do KARA- Kara,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no power fit to MAGA- maga,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no demon fit laugh ha ha HA HA- hahahaha,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life even the devil no fit do PARA.

Nothing they happen nothing dey par,
Nothing they sele nothing dey par (2ce)
Nothing dey papapapararara,
Nothing dey papapararara (2ce)

Those who know my Style know how much in Christ I DELIGHT,
I don't get tossed to and fro like a flying KITE,
I chose to walk by faith and not by SIGHT,
Knowing fully well that in Christ.... I am the LIGHT,
I chose to follow CHRIST and to walk in the LIGHT,
Doing it with his MIGHT and to fight every FIGHT,
Am  ready to take on the JEBUSITES, the PERIZZITES, the AMORITES,
No devil can stop us cos we are dangerous than DYNAMITES,
Since I gave my life to Christ all of them CONFUSE,
Cos automatically all of them DON LOSE,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no witches fit do KARA- Kara,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no power fit to MAGA- maga,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no demon fit laugh ha ha HA HA- hahahaha,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life even the devil no fit do PARA.

Nothing they happen nothing dey par,
Nothing they sele nothing dey par (2ce)
Nothing dey papapapararara,
Nothing dey papapararara (2ce)

The devil try to hold me down inside a PIT,
The devil try to eat me like a piece of MEAT,
The devil try to use me like a piece of RAG,
The devil try to treat me like a scaly WAG,
The devil try to hold me down inside a PIT,
The devil try to eat me like a piece of MEAT,
The devil try to use me like a piece of RAG,
The devil try to treat me like a scaly WAG,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no witches fit do KARA- Kara,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no power fit to MAGA- maga,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life omo no demon fit laugh ha ha HA HA- hahahaha,
Since Jesus Christ walk into my life even the devil no fit do PARA.

Nothing they happen nothing dey par,
Nothing they sele nothing dey par (2ce)
Nothing dey papapapararara,
Nothing dey papapararara (2ce)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Gospotainment Radio invites you to our worship event titled Boundless.

 Date - 21st April 2017

Time - 10 am

Venue - Temple of Praise, 21 Modupe Johnson,  off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.

 Ministering - Anointed ministers and worship leaders.

 Come and be part of the Boundless Worship.

 For enquiries call 08034951092, 07033751573.


BSX SINGLES FETE PRESENTS "THE SECRET" Mr / Miss Right is taking His time.... What's a single Guy/Lady to do?

Music Features: Peter Abeng, Shamel Unique Ajero

Get set for DJ JEREMIAH on the wheels with games and lots more.  Tagalong with your single friends only And let's have an amazing time together.

Host Pastor Ebun Adeoye Brodoh  Date: Sun. April 23rd, 2017.  Time: 3:00pm Venue: VGC AJAH

Call us for further enquiries on 08175335867, 08020741620Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @bodyandsoulxrayEmail: bodyandsoulxray@gmail.comSee you there

Saturday, April 15, 2017


ADORATION is a SPIRIT FILLED song written, composed and produced by T-BEN a gospel acts our Lord JESUS CHRIST from the Southern Part of Nigerian.

T-BEN is a talented spirit filled gospel musician, a lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion to spread the good news of our savior that lay down His life to set the whole world free from captivity and condemnation.

The reality of the song ADORATION was drawn from the constant tutorage of the GOSPEL from my mentor a person of great integrity: APOSTLE ISRAEL JONAH senior pastor of WORDFEAST GLORIOUS CENTRE and the host CHANGE CONFERENCE.

Inspiration behind the song: The inspiration behind the song is as a result of the sacrificial act of JESUS CHRIST. It pleased me talking to the universe about the great sacrifice of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Savior of the universe who lay down His life to those He knew betrayed His love. Each time I think of His selfless love towards mankind, I feel this deep joy inside of me and it will be unfair not to broadcast His faithfulness/love which He gave unconditionally to the sinful mankind.

Friday, April 14, 2017



It's a pity that those who tell a lie, tell the lie passionately, while those with the truth, tell the truth passively.

There's an AGENDA with this Easter concert, and the main aim is to see lives transformed and hearts pulled closer to God at the end of this amazing event. You can't afford to come alone. Married couples please come out with your children and let's have an intense moment with the holy spirit. Please join us and spread the word.

Some of the artiste to minister are Chiika100%, Onos, Akpororo, Pita, Enkay, K-Leb Shout, Eno Micheal, Minister Ken, Efe Nathan, David Nkennor, J'dess, Oluchi & House of Worship, Naomi classic, and finally Joshua Ojunta.

The Mc for the day is RAYMOND.

Please make it a date and your life will never remain the same.

See details below:

Date: 17th April, 2017

Venue: RCCG New Convenant Assembly, 53 kofo Abayomi street, Apapa, Lagos

Time: 12noon

For inquiry & support call:

09092159637 / 09021318893

Instagram : @chiika100percent


#gospel #music #Nigeria #Jesus #CENTER #God#youths #Business #alabanza #global #beautiful#worship #praise #thanksgiving #grateful#africangospeltakeover #Africa

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3DAYS TO GO....... "PaPaPaRaRaRa" By DaSOn produced by OyehBEATZ

DaSOn is set to officially drop a new single titled PaPaPaRaRaRa on the 22nd of April 2017. This new single is different and unique and in a class of its own. He is set to let the world know that Gospel music can’t be put in a box. This song is a combination of two primary genres. Trust him on this one the song is not only a banger and a hit but it comes with an unusual anointing. Be the first to hear and connect with the song right here on

DOWNLOADmusic: Dkachi X Chika 100% X DaSOn~ Higher Higher

This song is basically to celebrate God for all the liftings and testimonies he has brought our way by the power of his hands. So if God has changed your story this is the right song to put you in the happy mood.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Join Pauls Family this easter sunday for the biggest praise JAM this Easter.
Featuring: Omoba, Chi Praise, Vic Da Praise, Papa Sax, Olamiburwah and the Pauls Family Choir.
Date: Sunday 16th April 2017
time: 5pm
Venue: St Pauls Anglican Church, 13, Ojoku Street, Olodi-Apapa, Lagos.


Saturday, April 8, 2017


Join Victor Paul and DPC and other great ministers today for the outburst. See fliers for details. #DONTMISSIT

DOWNLOADmusic: Goodguy~Favoured

Finally out!!! Goodguy shows the world another side of his versatility aside being a stand up comic and graphics designer. Enjoy this song, dance, groove nut dont forget, its a declaration.....YOU ARE FAVOURED


Friday, April 7, 2017


Nigerian gospel artist Jude'o has been making waves for some time with his ever hit had I known which was a hit and a huge success but like other top gospel artist, he has a passion for excellence and he always strives to be better than his best. He decided to drop another hit song titled Egbega which means lift him high

It's a nice song and it's dedicated to the creator of the whole universe and we must lift him high above every other names..........#warning: This song has a side effect, it will make you dance away your worries...ENJOY

Twitter @ItzJude_o 
Facebook @OganaJude 
Instagram @ogana_jude

DOWNLOADmusic: iFeAnYi & DANUSOUL~That Same God

Glory!!! We are excited to finally bring you this song [AUDIO] 
" That Same God" by the prolific duos; iFeAnyi & dAnUsOuL (The New Soul)
We live in a world where men are daily consumed with worries and cares of life, some are down to nothing thinking all hope is lost... but guess what? We have and serve a God who can win the battles of life both in the mountains and in the valley (in all circumstances and ramifications) 1king20:1-29. So it doesn't matter the condition, Jesus can fix you up!
This song is able to heal, refresh, restore, re-energize, motivate, renew... and build your faith in our unfailingly God. 
DOWNLAOD, SHARE and Don't forget to leave your comments and Testimonies. Let God be Glorified!!
Follow us SM:
Facebook: officialdanusoul
Instagram: officialdanusoul
Twitter: itsdanusoul
Phone/Bookings: +234-8118019719,  +234-8027310910
-Song written by: Ifeanyi Amunuba by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
-Produced mixed&mastered by: DaGenius
-Vocals: 'Danusoul (Osas Aideyan, Chidimma Okere,  Confidence Chieke, Better Chijioke, Favour Nwaeniya)
-Bass: Chukwudi Okafor [CBass]
-Piano/Organ: Chukwuma Okafor [CDKeys]
-Lead Guitar: Micheal Lid

Intro: [Talk]
Can I share this with you?
You know sometimes you gotta understand that God does not owe us anything until He owns us, some other times, life treats us so hard that we forget about the one who has brought us this far, but today I wanna remind you that He that began a good work, will be faithful to finish it! Can we talk about him?
I know a man who can make the blind see
I know a man who makes the lame yo walk
I know a man who can part the red sea and cause the rivers to run in the midst of barren land
I know a King whose words can never fail 
I know a God who is so merciful
EMMANUEL, mighty, Holy One of Israel
Even now, He still does wonders today
You're the God of the Mountains
You're the same in the Valley 
God of the Heavens 
You are the God of the Earth
Lead: You are, You Are
Response: You are Great
#thatsameGod #thenewsoul #artofworship #ATrip2Heaven


We write bearing good tidings of all the fruitful seasons and blessings according to the God's promises in Jesus Name Amen. It is our pleasure and great opportunity to write and invite your youth ministry to be part this great mandate from God, to proclaim Jesus and as the only authority all over the city of Ajegenle. We cannot ignore your impact in this land Ajegunle and so we call out for your presence to be fully represented as we TAKE OVER the land for Christ.

Ajegunle wave your banner is a mandate from God delivered to His privileged servant "Yomi Ikuesan Festus" to raise up an altar of revival in Ajegunle through the platform of an indestructible worship and heartfelt praise unto God Almighty. This is a platform that welcomes people from all nooks and crannies of Ajegunle to freely come together in one place, annually with one heart, one voice lifted up to one God.

This is the median edition and it will be hosting the best of God's anointed music ministers in Nigeria along side God's ordained generals in the city of Ajegunle to intercede on behalf of the city and people in it.


We look forward to be graced by your presence, and God bless you as you come, Amen. Thanks

Pastor Yomi Ikuesan Festus (Convener) Call: 08060688326/08182927086 Email:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pastor Jola, The Wife Of The Owner Of Kingdom Africa Sent This To Us

Please I need 5 minutes of your time. I understand that DSTV is planning to take off Kingdom Africa TV and Kingdom Africa is presently negotiating desperately for this not to happen. Whilst they are still talking and negotiating with them, I think it is important that we let DSTV know that there is a large number of us who appreciate clean content on our TV screens and not just junks. Please help take 5 minutes to contact DSTV through the details below to let them know that you need Kingdom Africa TV as part of the bouquet you pay for. Please dont keep quiet at this time, we must make our voice heard, it was first INI, then One Gospel and now it’s Kingdom Africa. Forward to all your friends and all lovers of Christian TV.

1. Facebook – Go to their Facebook page  You cannot write on their wall so you need to comment on the last post.

2. Twitter – Tweet or DM @DStvNgCare

3. Email – Send an email to
God bless as you make your voice heard. Lets do something like Esther at such a time as this. Esther:4:14. I guess they always do this because they feel we will always do nothing, let’s proove them wrong this time.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Watch DaSOn performing JUMP @CTCng Family Beach Carnival

Multiple Award winning Gospel Rapper Entertaining the Crowd at the CTCng Family Beach Carnival.


Kenny Kore Speaks On Korede Bello’s Performance At The Latter Rain Assembly

Former infinity Member. KennyKore Took To His Instagram Page To basically Point Out some errors as Korede bello performs in church.

"Unbelievers may come into the assembly of the Saints in the hope that they would be DISCIPLED FIRST, repent from their old ways, then they may become ministers.
If Korede Bello has been DISCIPLED unto Jesus by Latter Rain, his music sure doesn’t show it.
And such lavish approval for a secular musician that Latter Rain has recently displayed is CARELESS.
It sets a bad precedence for youths who have hitherto remained in the churches unspoilt by the world"


“If You Get Your Wife Through Facebook, You’ll Lose Her On Youtube”~Pastor Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, today in his sermon at the Church’s headquarters at Redemption Camp, told his members why they shouldn’t marry girls from Facebook.According to him, people who marry girls from Facebook, lose them on YouTube. This message was posted on the Church’s official Twitter handle.