Friday, April 28, 2017


SMH (Shaking My Head) is a stinging commentary on the state of Christian HipHop in Nigeria today.

DaBoomsha bares his mind on several controversial issues in this State-Of-The-Union address to the HipHop community.

 With a gripping intro by deceased Rap legend, Tupac Amaru Shakur as well as vocals from other CHH artistes,

SMH is another lyrical masterpiece which is unapologetically confrontational and thought-provoking at the same time.

 Arranged,Mixed And Mastered by T-Beiz (@TBeiz) for DakDak Studios (@dakdakstudios)

 To download and listen to the song, pls click on the link below:

Rapsodee Da Boomsha is a HipHop Luminary,TV Show Host, Radio Presenter and Performing Artiste with a flair for writing.

His literary and musical works collectively known as 'The Boomsha Kreatives' include the 'Rebel Muzik Mixtape" Vol 1 & 2, "Mavrixx EP", as well as the #BoomshaDiaries.

His stories and songs deal with contemporary issues and influence public opinion especially within members of the urban christian community.

Facebook: Boomsha

Twitter: @daboomsha

IG: @daboomsha

Snapchat: DaBoomsha


YeahThis is how i feelright or wrong
Just what i was feeling at d timeYou know i had to say something
So lets get it Ive bn contemplating on certain topics of conversation
Sourcing information and getting some confirmation
Im done wt d consultations
Its time for d Consummation
Gotta address these issuesand get in the confrontation
Christian HipHop, no doubtI representHoly Spirit living inside
as d evidenceHipHop Missionary
All 5 elementsReady for the war but the church aint ready yetSame old faces on the posters of church eventsSame old gospel artistesMan, aint nuthing changedI made a vow never to attend the experience
Until i see a christian rapperUp in dat stadiumDats why the youths wud rather be at the discothequesPastors are outta touchso there's a disconnect
This culture we stand forThis ministry we rap foris not accepted or celebrated
on their platformsDamn  I hear some rappers braggingAbout the money they cashingThere must be something fundamentally wrong with the blackmanUr not as rich as dangoteWat u getting hyped aboutUr not driving a Lamborghini
Ogbeni, justshut ur mouthThe sultan of brunei
has 22 in his parking lotYou neva even buy oneBut ur d one to talk a lotSm Christian personalities
In the mediaso quick at dissing usBut wont be assisting usfamzing wt d industryBut criticize the ministryDont smile in my face
and lie to me you feeling me
Cos when you hit the stationYou still wont play me thoStick to the daddy yo songsOn ur radioHow about the christian bloggersWho claim that they love usBut when the songs dropThey pretend and ignore usYou keep reaching outthey never reply ur emailBut CHH is all of usIf we fail, then you fail   Its time to address the houseGet it off my chest and mouthquiet for a long timeNow its time to let it outThis is for my brothersand sisters in the community
CHH communeBut wats a commune without the unity?
We supposed to be, famSame team, same signatureSame body, arm, leg, headSame ligatureWats wt d competionJealousy and self promotion
Ego wt d braggadocio
Ooh.. Dats a heady potion.
Arguments about
Whose raps is d most anointed?
fighting for a church endorsement
Its time we reject d poisonGod wants an armyWhy u raising an idoli started boomsha Kreative
Made clients outta my rivalsWats ur plan for d movement
Cant u see dat we losing?
Gotta make some improvements
And get d ministry moving!
A lotta tinz i used to care about no longer move me thoThere's more to the music than lacing tracks in d studioAll d rappers who came before menever took a bullet for meHad to learn from my mistakesAppreciate d wounds dat scarred meroll wt a righteous armyThese are my tribal markingsI die for the causeIm Proud to be a kamikaze
I gladly support my team
In a major wayShow em how to be a soldierFar from civillian waysThe Trinity is teamwork
Peep d divine logoIf we fly solo, we die soloSMH 


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