Saturday, April 15, 2017


ADORATION is a SPIRIT FILLED song written, composed and produced by T-BEN a gospel acts our Lord JESUS CHRIST from the Southern Part of Nigerian.

T-BEN is a talented spirit filled gospel musician, a lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion to spread the good news of our savior that lay down His life to set the whole world free from captivity and condemnation.

The reality of the song ADORATION was drawn from the constant tutorage of the GOSPEL from my mentor a person of great integrity: APOSTLE ISRAEL JONAH senior pastor of WORDFEAST GLORIOUS CENTRE and the host CHANGE CONFERENCE.

Inspiration behind the song: The inspiration behind the song is as a result of the sacrificial act of JESUS CHRIST. It pleased me talking to the universe about the great sacrifice of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Savior of the universe who lay down His life to those He knew betrayed His love. Each time I think of His selfless love towards mankind, I feel this deep joy inside of me and it will be unfair not to broadcast His faithfulness/love which He gave unconditionally to the sinful mankind.


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