Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello Fam, My name is DaSOn. Am working on a project and I need your contributions to make this project work.

What do you think is the reason(s) why born again Christians still listen or party with worldly music?

Is it that Gospel music is not up to standard? Or That we don't have enough Gospel songs for party purpose? Or that Gospel songs are not groovy enough? Please let me in on your own personal reasons. Thanks



  1. Dason, the same question had before now bothered me until lately when I came to a conclusion that Christian musicians should start taking religion off their sounds. The first attraction of every song is the sound before the lyrics/message. I will give you an instance, compare Phyno's song Fada Fada with the original version of the song which has been a gospel song done in most Ibo churches and you will see a difference. Phyno added good sound to an Ibo native song that has been existing and came out with a powerful song. Imagine if that Phyno's song was done by a gospel music minister the way it was done. Take off the lyrics of Psquare's (Bank Account) and infuse gospel lyrics and you'll get a dance music that will be played in clubs. Also take off the lyrics of Joe's (I wanna Know) and infuse bible message and the same people who enjoy Joe will enjoy the churn. We as gospel artists/ministers should start considering the outside and not the church in packaging our music, the opposite is the reason why our music only revolve within and around the church and we are tempted to listen to worldly songs. Remember we are to reach out to the outside world not the church.The message is meant for the people outside church more than it is for the people in the church. I listen to a lot of secular (reggae) music like Sizzla, Luciano, Beres Hammond, Ambelique, Louie Culture etc not to their lyrics but because of the sound. Only few people in the gospeldom like Buchi and others do cut across. Lets take religion out of our sound and the trend will change.