Friday, July 21, 2017


“Sometimes in life, we become unsure of where we are headed and wonder if we are on the right path. We sometimes second-guess ourselves. If this is where you are today, you are not alone. I have been there also and this is why IJE OMA(Good Journey) is the song for you. If you can trust the Lord, He will show you the way to go, He will show you what to do and when He does, don’t question Him, simply OBEY!!Take that bold step of faith and trust Him to lead the way.

Remember, when God is your GPS, you can NEVER miss your way…”Aijay

Aijay is the worship leader at the Highlife Church, Lagos. She is also the Founder of Be-In-Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides FREE healthcare services and FREE medication for under-served Nigerians in rural areas.


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Whenever I turn to the right o (I turn to the left o)

This is the way,walk in it o (He says to me)

Wherever you lead, I’ll surely follow

I am your sheep, I hear your voice o (For He said)

I will instruct you and I will teach you the way you should go,

I will guide you with my eye

And I will never ever leave you, I’ll never forsake you

In my word, you can abide



Chi dum aga  (The God that leads me)

Okwa gi bu Chi dum aga (You are the God that leads me)

I si mu gawa ,ma atula ujo (You said to me “go ! Fear not!!)

Ije m n’uwa bunu ije oma (“…my journey through life is a good journey”)

Chi dum aga (The God that leads me)

Chi kere uwa, okwa gi dum aga (Creator of the universe, You are the God that leads me)

I si mu gawa,ma atula ujo(You said to me “Go! Fear not!!)

Ije m n’uwa bunu ije oma(“…your journey through life is a good journey”)



 Who can ever separate me from his love o(Nobody o)

God is for me, who can be against o (Nobody o)

Jehovah is the strength of my life o

I am the Apple of his eyes o (For You said)

You will instruct me and You will teach me, the way I should go,

You will guide me with your eye

And you will never ever leave me, you will never forsake me

In your word, I will abide

(Repeat Chorus)



By day (You’re my pillar of cloud)

By night (You’re my pillar of fire)

I’m never alone

I trust you with all of my heart

‘Cause I know

That You will never ever leave me,

You will never forsake me

(Repeat Chorus)


 Words and Music by Aijay





  1. Congratulations Aijay. May God continue to bless you and empower you as you serve him.

  2. Yes oo! Ije anyi n'elu uwaa by IJE OMA!