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Monday, January 22, 2018

DOWNLOADmusic: El Levie X DaSOn~Get Ready

Listen to this powerful song. You cant help but love it. It will so so bless you.


DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~Ola Le Peju

DaSOn is strictly a Gospel Rap Artiste. His music is all about the 3E’s (EDIFICATION, ENCOURAGEMENT & ENTERTAINMENT)

He has graced the same platforms with great acts like COBAMS ASUQUO, BUCHI, RIGHTEOUSMAN, KEFFI, EBEN, just to mention a few.

He won the Award for the best rap single at the just concluded MEGAWARDS, and has been nominated in the best contemporary single category at the TOPNAIJA AWARDS.

This phenomenon, award winning and Maverick Gospel Rapper has got all it takes.

Here is a brand new single from him titled ”OLA LE PEJU”. Download & Enjoy!

DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~Dance (Refix)

Brand new refix by DaSOn titled DANCE produced by the world famous OyehBEATZ. Download & Enjoy.


DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~Jijo

Multiple Award winning, sensational and anointed Gospel Rap artiste Olumuyiwa Ebiesuwa AKA DaSOn has released a brand new single.

This single titled JIJO produced by oyeh BEATZ is the ANTIDOTE for the spirit of heaviness, despair and Sadness.

With Banging Beats, Lifting Lyrics, Striking Similes, Meditative Metaphors, Rhyme and Reason, and much more. Happy moments and days are now but a track. Download & Enjoy.

DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~I Love My Life

Award winning Gospel rapper DaSOn drops his latest single titled I LOVE MY LIFE.

No gainsaying he is one of those keeping it and kicking it for rella! The song is about his new life style which is a far contrast from his old. He is a lyrical genius, a witty rapper, ryhmes with reason, and most of all he is anointed.

To pull this off he had to work with one of Naija’s finest and most creative producer OyehBEATZ aka Da beat tycoon.

This is not just another song it’s a C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!! DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY


I bet you guys did not see this coming....Multiple Award winning Gospel Rapper Da'son is at it again with this new single titled ''BOOM'' produced by famous OyehBEATZ

Before now he has been known to be among the very few Rappers that Rhymes with Reason. When you talk about Rap with Spiritual content his name readily comes to mind. His style of Rap speaks volume about his personality.

This very same artiste has decided to unravel another aspect of himself that most of his fans don't know anything about. You'll be dazed and amazed when you listen to this song because it is not just a total break out from his USUAL style, but it is also a total break out from the norm. Unu fi kak up fi dis....Download & Enjoy!

Me afi tell the world bout your love,
cos none compare to it.
listen fi dis.


Boom boom boom bam bam,
My heart beat, my heart beat for jesus every day (2ce)


U be the one that make my heart go BOOM,
U drive it like an okada zoom zoom ZOOM,
If it's not your love then i'll sweep it like a BROOM,
So all U fake lovers pls pls give me ROOM,
Cos U be the biro me be the BOOK,
Me be the fish pan the pool U be the HOOK,
Me be the ingredients U be the COOK,
What we have for each other is real no be FLUKE,
I've met a lot of false God's in my life TIME,
But on you JESUS i'll spend my last DIME,
Be it my time, talent and TREASURE,
I'll give it all to you cos you gimme PLEASURE,
Cos when am cold u gimme HEAT,
And when me down you put me up pan me FEET,
U be the one wey still dey make my heart BEAT,
ur luv for me I'll rebroadcast and reTWEET.

YOU be me everything me number ONE,
YOU brighten up me day you be me moon and SUN,
YOU light up my life compared to you there is NONE,
The one that makes me happy, smile and have FUN,
I love u I love u I love YOU,
U be me sweetheart, me bae, and me BOO,
Never let a day pass by without YOU,
I'll never place no one above YOU,
The way u dey do me lord i can't EXPLAIN,
E sweet pass jollof rice with fry PLAINTAIN,
Sweet pass likiliki and chill sugar CANE,
Your love is so sweet e dey scatter my BRAIN,
Cos when am cold u gimme HEAT,
And when me down u put me up pan me FEET,
You be d one wey still dey make my heart BEAT,
Your luv for me i'll rebroadcast and reTWEET.

Chorus till fade!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

DOWNLOADmusic: DaSOn~Praiz

Here is another powerful song from the multiple award winner DaSOn titled PRAIZ produced by the world famous OyehBEATZ. Download & Enjoy!


Friday, January 12, 2018


I am writing this poem for you mummy,
because i want this poem to BE,
my own special way of showing you,
how much you mean to ME.

I have so much to say,
and i don't think this poem will DO,
but each word in between these lines,
are from my heart to YOU.

I know i haven't been a perfect son,
but you've taken things in STRIDE,
and no matter how many problems I've had,
you've always been by my SIDE.

I could talk to you about whatever i felt,
because I knew that you would underSTAND,
And all that you asked from me in return,
was for me to stand up and be a MAN.

If i asked you for some advice,
you never have told me NO,
and if i made a dumb mistake,
you've never said I told you SO.

You've always treated me really special,
and sometimes i don't understand WHY,
But when i think about how I've hurt you,
it makes me want to CRY,

This is an apology for the mistakes I've made,
and the conflicts that we have HAD,
for all the times I've hurt you,
and for all the times I've made you MAD,

Am writing this specially for you mummy,
this is my cry out to YOU,
To let you know how sorry i am,
and how much i really love YOU.

My prayer for you on this special
as you celebrate your birthDAY,
Is that God shall cause his rain of uncommon favour,
to fall on every of your WAY.

#HaPpy BirTHday