Friday, January 12, 2018


I am writing this poem for you mummy,
because i want this poem to BE,
my own special way of showing you,
how much you mean to ME.

I have so much to say,
and i don't think this poem will DO,
but each word in between these lines,
are from my heart to YOU.

I know i haven't been a perfect son,
but you've taken things in STRIDE,
and no matter how many problems I've had,
you've always been by my SIDE.

I could talk to you about whatever i felt,
because I knew that you would underSTAND,
And all that you asked from me in return,
was for me to stand up and be a MAN.

If i asked you for some advice,
you never have told me NO,
and if i made a dumb mistake,
you've never said I told you SO.

You've always treated me really special,
and sometimes i don't understand WHY,
But when i think about how I've hurt you,
it makes me want to CRY,

This is an apology for the mistakes I've made,
and the conflicts that we have HAD,
for all the times I've hurt you,
and for all the times I've made you MAD,

Am writing this specially for you mummy,
this is my cry out to YOU,
To let you know how sorry i am,
and how much i really love YOU.

My prayer for you on this special
as you celebrate your birthDAY,
Is that God shall cause his rain of uncommon favour,
to fall on every of your WAY.

#HaPpy BirTHday 


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